Product Spotlight - Pressure Sensitive Liners

Pressure sensitive lined caps are a popular choice for a range of industries, including hair care, food, and body care. Pressure sensitive liners apply to plastic bottles or jars without the need for machinery and provide an additional layer against outside elements, such as oxygen and moisture, which can help preserve freshness.

How to apply pressure sensitive liners

1. Fill containers
2. Clean and dry the rim of the opening
3. Screw the plastic caps tightly in place
4. Leave the caps in place 24 hours, or longer

As the caps set, the pressure sensitive liners adhere to the rim of the plastic or glass containers, creating a seal. When using pressure sensitive liners, store products upright to prevent them from coming in contact with the liners so they can adhere properly.

Food Packaging w/ PS Liners

FDA approved pressure sensitive lined snap top caps and spice caps can be paired with a range of BPA free, FDA approved plastic bottles and jars for safely packaging food. Choose from a range of sizes, styles, and cap colors to fit your packaging needs.

Hair Care Products w/ PS Liners

SKS offers disc top caps and smooth plastic caps with pressure sensitive liners for hair care products that could include shampoo, color safe conditioner, styling products, and more. Disc top caps with plastic bottles are available in various colors and styles for personalized packaging options when creating a full line of hair care products.

Body Care Products with PS Liners

Choose plastic caps with pressure sensitive liners to securely and professionally package body care products consisting of body butter, lotion, face masks, and more. These caps are available in a range of sizes in white, black, and natural for pairing with a variety of plastic jars, including straight sided jars, heavy wall jars, and double wall jars.

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