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Product Spotlight - Compact Cosmetic Jars

Product Spotlight - Compact Cosmetic Jars

Lip Balm Care Containers

SKS understands the importance of finding the right packaging for lip care products, and all the factors that go into making that choice. Browse our variety of plastic lip balm containers to find precisely what you need for lip balms, lip moisturizers and scrubs, lip stains, and more!

Lip Balm Jars

SKS carries a variety of polystyrene cosmetic jars with matching closures to showcase a wide selection of products. Consider caps with clear windows, which allow customers to see product shades without having to open the container.

Polystyrene has extremely high clarity, high tensile strength, and good impact resistance. This composition works well with smaller capacity containers, which can be challenging to produce in glass and many other plastics. Watch our short video on polystyrene cosmetic jars!

Lip Balm Jars
Clear SAN jars are available in a 1/4 oz size and include white caps with clear windows. The low profile feature of these lip balm containers offers easy access to the product within.

For an economic option with high end, glass-like clarity and style, choose PET cosmetic jars with matte silver caps. For a complete look, each of these plastic cosmetic jars can be paired with clear shrink bands to provide an outer tamper evident seal.

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