Product Spotlight - Heavy Wall Jars for Bath Salts & Body Scrubs

Clear Heavy Wall Jars for Bath Salts & Body Scrubs

Body scrubs offer many benefits that can leave skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. They help to retain moisture and remove dead skin for a more youthful appearance. Clear PET heavy wall jars include many stylish and practical features that make them a top choice for packaging a range of body care products, like bath salts and body scrubs.

Bath Salt & Body Scrub Heavy Wall Jars

Compared to straight sided plastic jars, heavy wall jars include thicker bases and walls. This heavier construction provides stronger barriers against oxygen and moisture, which is ideal for storing bath salts and body scrubs in bathrooms and spas. The wide opening of the heavy wall jars allow for customers to access body scrubs effortlessly.

SKS offers these bath salt jars with PS22 lined caps, printed with the text "Sealed For Your Protection". A significant benefit of PS22 lined caps is their easy application. Simply fill the jars, wipe the rim to remove any product or moisture, then tightly close the caps. After leaving the caps in place for roughly 24 hours, the PS22 liners will adhere in place.

For additional packaging ideas, browse our bath salt and body care container industry indexes. Be sure to test the clear heavy wall jars and closures with your product to ensure complete compatibility.

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