Product Spotlight - Plastic and Glass Vials with Sprayers

Selecting plastic or glass vials with mini fine mist sprayers offers both functionality and style when packaging products that need to be applied by misting, such as breath fresheners, perfume samples, car scents, essential oil mixtures, and cosmetics. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes that SKS has to offer.

Plastic & Glass Vials with Mini Fine Mist Sprayers

SKS offers frosted polypropylene vials with natural fine mist sprayers that are shatter resistant and great for on-the-go use. Polypropylene has good resistance to heat, grease, oil, and many different chemicals. The frosted effect of these plastic vials makes them semi-transparent, allowing customers to see the container fill levels clearly. The attached mini fine mist sprayers have smooth collars and an output of .07 - .10 ml per spray. Included clear styrene overcaps help prevent unwanted discharge when not in use and complete the product for a streamlined look.

Glass vials are exceptional for packaging an array of products due to their nonporous and impermeable construction. They also feature high clarity and are completely recyclable.

These mini sprayers are available in white, black, or natural with smooth collars. The compatible sprayers for the 5 ml cylinders have an output of 0.07 ml per spray, the sprayers compatible with the 10 ml cylinders have an output of 0.09 ml, and the sprayers for the 15 ml cylinders have an output of 0.11 ml per spray. These sprayers are paired with clear styrene hoods and could be a great packaging solution for products like breath fresheners, perfumes, or even travel and sample size products.

When choosing these mini fine mist sprayers, paired with glass or plastic vials, it is important to consider the consistency of the products being dispensed. SKS highly suggests testing your products to ensure compatibility.

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