Product Spotlight - Square Jars

SKS offers unique plastic and glass square jars that can be used to package a wide range of products with a sleek, eye-catching appearance. Square jars feature four symmetrical label panel areas for extensive decoration opportunities and make for a versatile addition to any new or existing product line!

Plastic Square Jars

PET plastic square jars include a selection of styles that bring a bit of uniqueness to your product line. Low profile PET square jars can be used to package a range of bath and body care products, including body butter, bath salts, and cream. The wide opening of these jars allows for easy product access and application.

SKS offers wire bale jars in crystal clear PET plastic. PET plastic wire bale jars provide significant moisture and gas barriers, and are less prone to breakage during shipment than glass options. Wire construction secures the lids to the jars and prevents them from being misplaced, while still allowing easy access to the jars' contents. The rubber rings compress and create an air-tight seal when when the wire handles are in their fully closed positions.

PET plastic wide mouth square jars feature built in grips alongside the jar walls. These square jars are available in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon sizes with large 110/400 neck finish openings for easy dispensing and could be ideal for products sold in larger volumes, such as rice or snack foods, like nuts and dried fruits. The gripped sides of the wide mouth square jars include convenient handles that do not extend outward from the jar base. This allows for secure handling and pouring, without taking up additional storage or shelf space.

Glass Square Jars

Due to the nonporous and impermeable nature of glass, square glass jars are a versatile packaging option for jelly or other canned foods, candles, and more. Glass is also entirely recyclable for easy disposal or reuse. While many types of plastic will start to warp and melt when heated, glass jars retain shape and durability. Due to the inflexibility of glass at higher temperatures, these square jars can be used to package products that are hot filled or meant for continual heat.
Square glass jars are available with a lug finish, rather than a standard continuous threaded finish, and are compatible with plastisol liners. A plastisol liner is a gasket, which can be activated through different canning processes, that melts the liner onto the rim of the square glass jar. Once the plastisol liner is cooled, a tamper-evident hermetic seal is created that prevents leakage and can extend product shelf life.

SKS' square candle glass jars stand 3" tall and are sold without lids. The soft, flat sides of these candle jars make labeling easy and provides great visibility of the products within. These simple, stylish glass candle jars could be great for packaging homemade candles, decorative succulents, and much more.

Sleek, streamlined, and unique in design, square jars are a great option to consider when choosing product packaging. Feel free to contact out Customer Care team with any questions regarding samples or product testing.

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