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Product Spotlight - Spice Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps

Product Spotlight - Spice Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps

SKS offers both glass and plastic bottles with functional and eye-catching spice grinder caps. These spice grinders can be used to dispense a variety of seasonings and spices, and could enhance many product lines with a modern, stylish look.

Glass Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps

Glass Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps
The 100 ml (roughly 3.4 oz) clear glass bottles with black spice grinder caps feature a tall design with high shoulders. These glass bottles provide a clear view of vibrantly colored spices and herbs, as well as easy application of labels. The black polypropylene plastic spice grinder caps feature necks with outer ridges that provide an easy to grip surface while turning. The all plastic grinding mechanisms reduce clogging and product waste through their turn style operation. All spice grinder caps include matching snap caps to enclose the openings properly. When ready to use, pull a small tab to easily remove the snap caps .

SKS offers clear shrink bands that are compatible with the 100 ml glass spice grinder bottles (stock #3061-31). Clear shrink bands are composed of 2 mm thick PVC plastic and slip effortlessly onto the glass bottles. A heat gun is used to slightly melt and shrink the plastic onto the bottle, creating a tamper-evident seal. The shrink bands stay in place until the vertical perforations are pulled to open the spice grinder sets for the first time. These shrink bands could be a great addition for selling your spices in grocery stores, farmers markets or online!

Plastic Spice Bottles with Spice Grinder Caps

Plastic Bottles with Spice Grinder CapsIf you prefer to sell your dried garlic, herbs, spices or blends in plastic bottles, SKS has plastic spice bottles with spice grinder caps in clear PET, offered in 180 ml (roughly 6.1 oz) or 330 ml (roughly 11.1 oz) sizes.

The compatible grinder caps for these plastic spice bottles are composed of BPA-free black ABS plastic. ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and is often used in packaging applications due to its durability and rigidity. ABS has good impact resistance, making this set versatile and easy to use in high paced restaurant kitchens. The plastic grinder mechanisms are kept in place with aluminum rods and include black snap caps to enclose the grinders for easy storage.

The clear PET spice bottles feature a slightly tapered cylindrical shape. These unique plastic spice bottles stand out on store shelves and are appealing to use at home. The spice bottle necks have four small points that fall into the notches of the grinder caps. To attach the grinder caps to the PET spice bottles, line the points up with the notches and press down firmly until the grinder caps lock into place. Once the grinder caps are attached to the PET spice bottles, they cannot be removed.

Spice grinders are great packaging options when it comes to peppercorns, salts, seasoning blends, herbs and other delicious flavorings and spices. Do you have other spices in your line of products that don't require grinding? Be sure to check our full collection of spice containers!

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