Product Spotlight - Mechanical and Digital Scales

Mechanical and digital scales are useful tools for streamlining production, reducing waste, and providing faster transactions. Whether you need an on the on-the-go portable scale, a simple mechanical balance, or a larger capacity digital scale for production, SKS has a range of scales to assist your needs.

Handheld Digital Scales

The OHAU-PS121 and OHAU-PS251 models are digital pocket scales that feature high accuracy and convenient transportability.

The OHAU-PS121 has a maximum capacity of 120g, while the OHAU-PS251 has a capacity of 250g. These handheld digital scales feature sliding pans that act as covers to protect their displays and keys, preventing damage during transport. Comparable in size to larger digital pocket scales, the OHAU-PS121 and OHAU-PS251 are highly accurate, with quick stabilization times.

These handheld scales are powered by 2 CR2043 batteries, and an automatic shut off feature powers them off after 2 minutes, offering extended battery life.

The OHAU-HH120D, OHAU-HH120 and OHAU-HH320 digital scales have maximum capacities of 60g, 120g and 320g respectively. These handheld digital scales feature superior RF protection, preventing interference when using near cell phones, registers and computers. Each OHAU-HH model is equipped with four easy to read and use buttons, paired with bright LCD backlit screens.

The handheld digital scales can be utilized in stores for measuring products in bulk, and long term use is simple with protective snap-on covers and automatic shut off features that kick in after five minutes of inactivity, preventing unintended use.

Digital Table Scales

Digital table scales can be integrated into many production processes to bring an added level of accuracy. The OHAU-TC series digital scales feature a range of capacities and readouts to match the measurements needed. Weighing can be read out in units of oz, lb, kg and g to match the type of measurements that applies to your products and packaging. With three LCD backlight displays, audible key press and text prompts, these digital scales operate with ease from start to finish. There are ten functions with an eleven key numeric keypad for effortless navigation of menu options and programming settings. The OHAU-TC series offers the possibility of AC power or the use of six C batteries with 100 hours of battery life. A low battery warning provides assurance of maintaining power during production.

The OHAU-TR series digital table scales are durable, with multifunctional features for various applications. These digital table scales include ABS housings and stainless steel weighing platforms for sustainability within diverse work environments.

With easy to read single panel high resolution displays, The OHAU-TR series of digital table scales make weighing, counting and filling smoother than ever. In order to adhere to your specific product requirements, these digital table scales show measurements in a variety of units, including oz, lb, kg and g. The OHAU-TR series include AC power adapters and an option for battery use with six C batteries.

Mechanical Balance Scales

The OHAU-TP2611 mechanical balance scales include many features that allow for simple use. The spring loaded zero adjust compensator makes for quick and accurate measurements, allowing non-electric use almost anywhere. The built-in carrying handle is ergonomically designed and balanced for transportation with ease.

One 500 g and two 1,000 g weights are included, with storage built into the scale to reduce the risk of misplacing the weights while not in use, and also reducing needed counter space.

Digital scales are packaging equipment investments that bring accuracy and ease to many applications. For additional information on deciding which scale is beneficial for you, contact our valuable customer service department today!

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