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Product Spotlight - Polystyrene Jars

Product Spotlight - Polystyrene Jars

Polystyrene jars provide the high end appeal of glass, while maintaining the durability and structure of high quality plastics. SKS has polystyrene jars for cosmetics, body care and more!

Polystyrene Properties

Polystyrene plastic is a versatile material with many useful attributes for packaging makeup, lip gloss and other cosmetic products. Polystyrene has extremely high clarity, high tensile strength and impact resistance. Polystyrene lends well to smaller sized containers, which can be more difficult to produce in glass and many other plastics. Be sure to check out the video on these stand out polystyrene jars!

Thick Wall Polystyrene Jars

Thick wall polystyrene jarsThick wall polystyrene jars are available in 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz sizes. These thick wall jars are offered with many cap options, including clear polystyrene unlined dome caps. This set provides complete transparency, as a unique method of displaying lip gloss, eyeshadow or body glitter. White and black smooth F217 lined caps also pair well with these thick wall jars. For a touch of color, opt for the pink polypropylene F217 lined caps.

Thick wall jars with black capsAnother thick wall option is the 7 ml jar with unlined black polypropylene caps. Unlined caps are useful for products that do not need added barriers, and are beneficial because they can reduce the overall cost. SKS also has 5 ml square polystyrene jars that include clear top silver rimmed caps. These thick wall square shaped jars, feature round neck openings for easy application with a fingertip or small applicator.

Polystyrene Plastic Powder Jars

Polystyrene powder jars are a great option for housing an array of cosmetic products. The polystyrene plastic powder jars come in 10 ml, 20 ml and 45 ml sizes, and feature a shorter, wider shape. The shape and size of these powder jars allow for easy label application on the lids as well as the containers. The wide mouth opening also allows for easy product application with brushes, sponges, or pads.

Polystyrene Plastic JarsCap color options for the powder jars include white, matte silver, shiny black and matte black. Each cap has a PE liner adhered to the inside. These versatile PE liners offer good resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics and aqueous products.

Styrene Powder Jars Purchase the plastic powder jars without sifters, with single sifters or with double sifters. Without sifters, these powder jars could be used for lip balm, eye and face creams, or concealers. Sifters are composed of natural polypropylene plastic and do not adhere to the powder jars. Instead, they are crafted to rest on the necks of the jars and remain in place during application.

The single sifter fitments feature holes in the center, in a star shaped pattern. The double sifter fitments paired with the 20 and 45 ml sizes include a sliding attachment which allows for two dispensing quantity options; sifting or pouring. While the 10 ml powder jar includes an insert that will open or close one large single opening. Styrene Powder Jars

SKS also has 3 oz clear polystyrene powder jars with sifter fitments and white smooth caps. These plastic jars come with white lined urea caps, and could be used to package blush, highlighter and a variety of other powder based cosmetics. Opt to pair these high end powder jars with clear shrink bands for tamper evident packaging.

Polystyrene jars are a go-to packaging option, because they offer the style of glass with the functionality of plastic. Before choosing polystyrene jars be sure to test your product to confirm compatibility. For further assistance be sure to contact our customer service department.

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