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Product Spotlight - Heavy Wall Plastic Jars

Product Spotlight - Heavy Wall Plastic Jars

Heavy wall jars put a spin on the standard straight sided jar to create a low profile appearance with added durability that showcases the products within.

The Heavy Wall Jar Style

SKS maintains its high standards in packaging with our heavy wall jars composed of PET plastic. PET jars are durable, impact resistant, and lightweight with strong barriers against gas and moisture. These heavy wall jars are FDA approved and have the capability of containing many different ingredients without any loss of integrity.

Heavy Wall Jars Heavy wall plastic jars have a low profile style, meaning the height of the jar is shorter and the opening is wider in comparison to straight sided or regular style plastic jars. They also feature thicker and stronger walls and bases. Heavy wall jars are more rigid, allowing them to retain their shape during the transportation and storage of products.

Heavy Wall Plastic Jars

SKS stocks clear, amber, and blue heavy wall jars in various sizes to package a range of products. The wider openings make heavy wall plastic jars easier to use with products applied with your hands, such as face masks and body scrubs, as well as scoops for bath salts, or brushes for dry concealers and other cosmetics.

Heavy Wall Plastic JarsClear heavy wall jars have very high clarity and are available in 2, 4, and 8 oz sizes with black, white, and silver lined cap options. The black smooth PS22 lined caps feature a pressure sensitive liner that adheres to the opening of the jars without the use of a machine. For a more simplistic look, choose black smooth frosted caps with F217 liners to provide an all-purpose barrier.

White dome caps pair nicely with clear heavy wall jars to highlight colored products and labels. Metal or plastic silver caps add variety to the overall appearance of these clear heavy wall jars. Silver metal caps are composed of treated aluminum to reduce rust and keep shape during shipping, storage, and use. In plastic, the silver polypropylene caps with F217 liners offer a smooth choice to compliment brightly colored bath salts or lotions.

Heavy Wall JarsBlue and amber heavy wall jars, also available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8oz sizes, are composed of a darker, eye catching PET plastic which provides additional UV protection for light sensitive products. The versatile blue and amber plastic jars look stylish with many plastic and metal cap colors. Dome caps in white or black can be paired with blue or amber heavy wall jars for cosmetics and body care products.

Silver caps are a step away from the standard white and black colors and can be striking when paired with these brightly colored jars. Amber heavy wall jars with silver metal caps could be a nice option for men's shaving product, while blue heavy wall jars with silver polypropylene caps could package face creams for women.

SKS offers white heavy wall jars for an opaque option in a variety of caps. For products in the cosmetic industries test white heavy wall jars with PS22 liners, white dome caps, or silver polypropylene caps. For added security white heavy wall jars are also available with child resistant caps for use in industries such as medical marijuana and pharmaceuticals.

These functional and stylish heavy wall plastic jars are available in convenient sizes to meet your packaging needs. Be sure to test these jars to ensure complete compatibility with your products, and to contact customer service with any questions you may have.

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