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Product Spotlight - Glass and Plastic Dressing Bottles

Product Spotlight - Glass and Plastic Dressing Bottles

SKS offers a variety of dressing and sauce bottles in glass and plastic to showcase your line of delicious products.

Glass Dressing Bottles

Glass is a versatile packaging option with high clarity to showcase products such as sauces, marinades, and dressings. Glass products from SKS are FDA approved, and offered in a variety of sizes with various neck finishes and matching caps.

Dressing BottlesClear glass barbecue bottles are available in a 12 oz capacity with threaded or lug neck finishes. The curved shoulders and wide necks allow products to easily and smoothly pour from the opening. The 12 oz glass barbecue bottles with continuous thread neck finishes are paired with black polypro snap top caps, which are designed to be drip resistant and feature an oval dispensing hole for smooth pouring. These snap top caps have Lift 'n' Peel induction liners, which create a tamper evident seal. Tamper evident seals aid in preserving the product, while also offering protection for the consumer. These 12 oz barbecue bottles may also be paired with gold metal lug caps. Lug caps feature a plastisol liner, used to create a hermetic seal when properly activated.

Dressing Bottles

SKS offers glass bottles in a traditional style, to display your product line of salad dressings. The 8 oz clear glass salad dressing bottles with white plastic caps have oval bodies for easy one-handed gripping, and an elongated neck for a more controlled pour.

For a product line full of different flavors, purchase these salad dressing bottles and add compatible shrink bands in clear, black, white, red, green, and yellow. Colored shrink bands can be used to distinguish between flavors, while providing a tamper evident seal to protect your product. For infused oils and dressings, the 250 ml clear glass marasca bottles with aluminum caps offer an eye catching display. Marasca bottles have a tall, slim square shape. The square panels are great to clearly display labels and product information.

Dressing Bottles
Clear glass decanter bottles are designed with a top and bottom bevel style and a wide mouth opening to smoothly pour thicker liquids. The body of these bottles has smooth designated decoration areas for labeling. The 16 oz decanter bottles have a continuous thread or lug neck finish, which offers compatibility with a variety of plastic and metal caps. Bottles with a continuous thread finish may be paired with black plastic caps with PE liners. These plastic caps are composed of polypropylene and are ribbed for easy gripping.

Decanter bottles with a lug finish can be paired with white plastisol lug caps to seal in freshness for long term storage. When applied properly this plastisol seal also offers tamper evidence, assuring the end user that their product has not been tampered with.

Plastic Dressing Bottles

PET is a durable, semi-flexible plastic that has good barriers and resistances against dilute acids, grease, oils, and alcohols. PET plastic bottles are impact, heat, and cold resistant, with moisture and oxygen barriers to keep contents fresh.

Dressing Bottles5 oz and 10 oz clear PET sauce bottles are sold in complete sets with white, red, or black caps, and orifice reducers for controlled pouring. These clear PET sauce bottles can be purchased separately or paired together to create combo packages or samples. In a larger capacity, the 16 oz PET oblong sauce bottles come with white snap top caps to easily dispense sauces, marinades, and condiments. These bottles feature sturdy rectangular bases with tapered sides allowing users to dispense product easily by squeezing with one hand. The white snap top caps include PS22 liners that do not require additional tools to adhere. Simply screw the snap top caps firmly onto the sauce bottles after filling and leave in place. After roughly 48 hours the PS22 liners will adhere to the bottle rims.
Dressing Bottles

SKS sells 12 oz clear PET barbecue sauce bottles that are compatible with a variety of caps to package sauces, marinades, and dressings. Take packaging to the next level by pairing your 12 oz clear PET barbecue bottles with Lift 'n' Peel induction liners to assist with shipping and storage. Another packaging option for condiments and sauces are the 12 oz inverted ovals with colorful snap top caps. Choose yellow or red snap top caps to differentiate between specialty mustard and ketchup blends. The inverted ovals have a small base that tapers outward and then tapers inward at the top to present a unique packaging option with ample labeling space and compatibility with many caps.

SKS is delighted to supply a variety of clear glass and plastic containers to package your dressings, condiments, sauces, and more. Browse through our food industries for additional ideas, videos, and always check back to see what's new for new products and information!

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