Product Spotlight - Clear & Amber Glass Vials

Clear and amber glass vials are ideal for showcasing products in smaller volumes. These glass vials are a great way to sample a new product line scent or flavor, or could be used in gift sets. SKS offers glass vials that are easily silk screened or labeled to present product information and branding. Glass vials are impermeable and nonporous. Paired with a wide range of compatible caps, they offer a high end look for your products.

Clear & Amber Glass Vials

Glass perfume vials
are tall, narrow vials that can be used to sample products. Choose from black or natural stoppers with or without PE applicators, which can be used to apply perfume or essential oil blends. The shorter 41 mm vials have a 1.03 ml capacity, while the taller 65 mm vials have a 1.75 ml capacity. The fill line is 7 mm from the top of the vials, which reduces spilling during use, as well as allows the stoppers to fit securely into the necks without product overflow.

To match your specific needs, SKS offers clear glass vials with a selection of black plastic caps, each of which features a different liner option. Black phenolic cone lined caps feature a LDPE cone, which sits in the neck of the vial and provides a secure seal. Black phenolic PV lined caps offer barriers against mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, and oils. Black polypropylene ribbed caps with PE-F217 liners have excellent chemical resistance, and low transmission rates. Finally, black polypropylene foil lined caps offer good resistance against oils, alcohols, and various aqueous solutions.

  • Clear Glass Vials with Black Caps:
  • Clear glass vials with black phenolic cone lined caps
  • Clear glass vials with black phenolic PV lined caps
  • Clear glass vials with black ribbed PE-F217 lined caps
  • Clear glass vials with black smooth foil lined caps

Fine mist sprayers can also be paired with glass vials to dispense low viscosity products. All fine mist sprayers have an output of .06 ml per spray, are composed of polypropylene, and include clear styrene overcaps to prevent unwanted discharge during storage and transport. These fine glass vials with mist sprayers could be used for breath fresheners, travel or sample hair sprays, perfumes, and more.

  • Clear Glass Vials with Fine Mist Sprayers:
  • Clear glass vials with black fine mist sprayers
  • Clear glass vials with white fine mist sprayers
  • Clear glass vials with natural fine mist sprayers

Clear, and amber glass vials are paired with black bulb glass droppers for dispensing liquid products and products with higher chemical compounds. Black bulb glass droppers are composed of a monprene bulb, ribbed polypropylene collar, and clear glass pipette.

Amber glass vials offer the same characteristics as clear glass, but with an additional level of UV protection. Amber glass vials are available with the same black plastic caps as the clear glass vials to fit your needs.

  • Amber Glass Vials with Black Caps:
  • Amber glass vials with black phenolic cone lined caps
  • Amber glass vials with black ribbed PE-F217 lined caps
  • Amber glass vials with black phenolic PV lined caps

Amber glass vials paired with black PV lined caps and orifice reducers offer a controlled dispensing option. The orifice reducers feature a .79 mm orifice and easily snap into the neck of the colored glass vials for a gradual, more controlled pour.

  • Amber Glass Vials with Orifice Reducers:
  • Amber glass vials with orifice reducers

Glass vials can also be used to house samples of herbs or spices. Glass vials with corks are available in a range of sizes. These glass vials have lips molded on their necks instead of standard screw threading. This neck style allows compatible corks or stoppers to rest within the opening for a more decorative look.

Glass vials are durable and versatile, making them a great option for housing a wide range of products. Watch our short video on our inventory of clear and amber glass vials. Be sure to first test these glass vials and caps with your product for compatibility.

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