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Product Spotlight - Plastic Flex Tubes

Product Spotlight - Plastic Flex Tubes

Plastic Flex Tubes for Spices

SKS offers clear flex tubes with the choice of metal screw caps or plastic plugs, which are great for packaging spices. These flex tubes offer high clarity for showcasing colorful herbs, cooking blends, and more, while also providing durability when shipped and stored.

Plastic Spice Tubes

Clear propionate plastic is FDA approved for packaging food products, impact resistant, and easily labeled to showcase product information and custom branding. Clear round spice tubes come with unlined nickel-plated screw caps or nickel-plated screw caps with pulp/vinyl liners. The pulp/vinyl liners provide chemical resistance against mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, and oils. These shiny metal caps screw onto the outer threading of the spice tubes for a secure seal.

Clear Propionate Round Tubes with Silver Metal Screw Caps

  • Spice Tube Features:
  • High clarity and flexibility
  • Height options of 4" or 6"
  • FDA approved and BPA free
  • Lightweight and durable

Rectangular spice tubes are also composed of clear propionate plastic and offer sleek front and back label panels, as well as space-saving storage. These rectangular spice tubes are paired with LDPE plugs for a neutral packaging option that visually highlights the spices and dried herbs. These spice tubes can be useful for samples or gift sets, and could be integrated into a full line of spice containers. Be sure to test any packaging with your product to ensure complete compatibility!

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