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Product Spotlight - Custom Labels

Product Spotlight - Custom Labels

Once you've found the perfect packaging, the next step is to select custom labels to create a finished, professional look for your product line.

Ordering Custom Labels

Custom labels provided by SKS offer great flexibility for effectively showcasing your products. Each roll of custom labels has a 3 inch diameter core for spooling and an adhesive side for quick labeling with a labeling machine or by hand. When purchasing custom labels from SKS for the first time, you may have a few questions. Here's some helpful information!

What are the artwork image requirements?
  • You will need to upload your completed artwork through our convenient label order form.
  • Images must be 300 DPI to achieve a high quality print. This includes photos that are embedded within PDF documents.
  • Files must be in Illustrator (.ai) or PDF formats only.
  • Must use CMYK colors only.
  • Images must fit within the dimensions of the printing area for the selected label size, as specified in the corresponding label template file.
  • For PDF documents, all included images must be embedded within the document. PDF must be saved without compression.
  • File size must be less than 1.5 MB

What choices to do I have?
  • You can choose the shape, size, material, and finish of the custom labels to enhance the overall style of your packaging.
  • Choose the unwind direction for proper compatibility with labeling equipment or workstations.
  • Purchase label rolls in 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000 pieces, allowing you keep labels in stock for high demand. You may also speak with a sales representative for a quote and lead times if you are interested in purchasing rolls in quantities greater than 10,000.

What help is available when choosing and creating my custom labels?
  • While we can't assist in creating the images you will be using, we have created many helpful info pages, including custom label design tips and templates, to inspire creativity while ensuring your images are designed according to template parameters for an exceptional fit.
  • When choosing the correct size for your labels, it is helpful to review the line drawing of the container you plan to use and select a label within those parameters. You may also create your own template. With the physical container in front of you, cut a piece of paper to cover the area of the container you would like to label, and then locate labels similar to the shape and size of your template.
  • SKS is the one stop website for purchasing containers, caps, and labels. The Add-ons menu on product pages allows users to view and select caps (when viewing bulk containers), shrink bands, and custom labels compatible with selected containers.

I placed my order for custom labels! What happens next?
  • If you order other products in addition to your custom labels, we will ship all other products first. The remainder of your order will not be delayed as label production occurs. Labels will ship separately once completed.
  • You will receive a digital proof of your artwork exactly as it will be printed for your approval.
  • Processing time is roughly 4-6 weeks once the digital proof is confirmed.
  • Once complete, your label order will ship to you directly from our label printer.
  • Review the SKS label order terms and conditions for worry free purchasing.

Custom Label Choices

Custom Labels SKS provides custom labels in round, oval, and rectangular shapes on either a white paper backing or clear polypropylene with a glossy or matte finish. You may select any combination of shape, material, and finish for your custom labels to create your ideal design.

White paper backed custom labels have a sturdy 2.5 mil thickness to showcase designs with full color backgrounds, or to incorporate the white backing into your artwork. Clear polypropylene custom labels are waterproof, with a fully transparent, polished look. The transparency of the polypropylene custom labels allows the color of the containers and products stored within to complement your chosen design.

Matte finish labels could create a cohesive look for products packaged in eco-friendly packaging or frosted containers, and complement artwork with soft colors. Labels with a glossy finish provide a smooth feel and bring out brightly printed colors. Since clear polypropylene custom labels with a glossy finish are waterproof, they are recommended for products that are frequently exposed to moisture, such as aromatherapy blends or hair and body care products.

For further assistance with choosing and placing an order for custom labels, feel free to contact our helpful customer service department.

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