Product Spotlight - Bulb Glass Droppers

SKS offers bulb droppers with plastic and glass pipettes in a range of sizes for pairing with glass and plastic bottles. Choose from white and black bulb droppers for a versatile and streamlined way of dispensing products within a range of industries, including aromatherapy, pharmaceutical, and CBD.

Bulb Dropper Construction

Each bulb dropper includes three components, a polypropylene cap, LDPE or type III glass pipette, and rubber bulb.

  • Rubber Characteristics:
  • Low density for high flexibility
  • FDA compliant
  • BPA, latex, PVC, and Phthalate free
  • Resistant to acids, bases, and solvents

SKS understands that every product is different. Because of this, we highly suggest testing your product with these bulb glass droppers to confirm compatibility.

Bulb Dropper Selections

There are two requirements when pairing bulb droppers with bottles. The first compatibility requirement is the neck finish. Each bulb glass dropper has a neck finish listed and this must match the neck finish of the bottles or vials you are looking to purchase. The second requirement is the length of the pipettes.

The pipettes are measured by placing a ruler inside of the cap, until it is flush with the gasket, and reading the measurement from that point to the tip of the pipette. The height of the compatible container needs to run from the top of the neck down to a few millimeters above the base of the container. It is important to avoid letting the pipette touch the bottom of the container; a few millimeters distance is highly suggested.

  • Bulb Glass Dropper Options::
  • White or Black bulb glass droppers
  • Black tamper evident glass droppers
  • White or Black child resistant glass droppers

Available in black and white are bulb glass droppers with ribbed polypropylene screw-on caps. These bulb glass droppers pair with plastic and glass bottles with ease for packaging products that could include cosmetics, hair care products, essential oils, and more.

For a tamper evident option, SKS offers black bulb glass droppers with tamper evident rings. These tamper evident closures are compatible with euro dropper bottles due to the additional ring that runs around the neck. The tamper evident cap rings will break off after the initial opening, visually alerting customers whether a product has or has not been tampered with.

For an additional security, choose white or black child resistant bulb droppers. To open the child resistant bulb glass droppers, press down and turn the caps in the direction of the arrow printed on the top. Child resistant bulb glass droppers could be a useful choice when packaging CBD products, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Black bulb plastic droppers offer a durable option when paired with various containers, including amber PET oblong bottles. Consider this set for packaging food products that could consist of flavorings and food coloring. The plastic pipettes draw up to 1 ml of liquid and feature controlled dispensing.

SKS is happy to assist with confirming you have selected the most compatible packaging we have to offer. Contact our Customer Care department to request samples and begin the testing process to ensure product compatibility.

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