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Product Replacement - 22/400 Black Bulb Droppers Product Replacement - 22/400 Black Bulb Droppers

Our line of 22/400 black bulb droppers have been replaced with a new dropper. Small differences between the old and new droppers are outlined below.

All affected kits are linked in the Related Products section at the bottom of the page.

Original Item

Original 22/400 Black Bulb Droppers
Stock # (Bulk): 2610-05B

Stock #: 2610-05

SR22 Rubber Bulb: Matte
Product Replacement

Polypropylene Cap: Spaced out ribbing
Product Replacement

New Item

New 22/400 Black Bulb Droppers
Stock # (Bulk): 2610-24B

Stock #: 2610-24

SR22 Rubber Bulb: Shiny
Product Replacement

Polypropylene Cap: Compact ribbing
Product Replacement

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