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How To Measure Dip Tubes

SKS has an extensive collection of pumps and sprayers, including fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers, treatment pumps, lotion pumps, and industrial pumps.

Measuring the Neck Finishes

The neck finish refers to the outer diameter of the bottles' neck, as well as the threading used to screw on caps. Matching the neck finish of a container to a compatible dispensing cap is essential for proper product usage and storage. SKS includes the neck finish of all plastic and glass bottles within the product description so that the containers can be easily matched to closures. If you need to match closures to plastic or glass bottles sourced elsewhere, use our Neck Finish Info Page for instructions on how to measure accurately.

Measuring the Dip Tubes

Clear Smoothie Beverage BottlesThe second step when matching sprayers and pumps to plastic and glass bottles is to measure the dip tube length to ensure that the product dispenses smoothly. The dip tube lengths provided on our website are measured from the gasket to the tip of the sprayer or pump, and the corresponding measurement for the bottles is from shoulder to base. Here is an example:

Clear 4 oz cosmo round bottles, stock# 00260040.01S, have a 20/410 neck finish and the shoulder to base measurement is 5".

Fine mist sprayers have been found to dispense better when the dip tube is curved at the bottom of the bottle instead of sitting straight down to the base.

Because of this, our dip tube lengths are slightly longer than the shoulder to base measurements of the bottles. For 4 oz cosmo round bottles the recommended dip tube length is 5 1/4".

It may also be helpful to reference the Cap Code Index when purchasing plastic and glass bottles with matching caps from SKS. The Cap Code Index takes the neck finish, dip tube length, and additional factors into consideration to ensure your container and cap selections are compatible.


Fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers, and mini trigger sprayers are compatible with a range of bottles for packaging body care products, cleaning supplies, and more. Clear Smoothie Beverage Bottles

Fine mist sprayers dispense low viscosity products with water-like consistency in a light mist. These sprayers could be used with body scents, hair styling sprays, bug repellent, and much more. The fine mist sprayers include clear styrene hoods that fit securely in place when transporting or storing to prevent accidental dispensing. SKS offers a selection of white, black, and natural fine mist sprayers in smooth and ribbed styles. Various neck finishes, from 12 mm up to 24/410, are available, as well as a range of dip tube lengths. For more information regarding these dispensing caps, watch our short video and browse our product spotlight.

Clear Smoothie Beverage BottlesTrigger sprayers and mini trigger sprayers offer mist or stream dispensing. Mini trigger sprayers feature a 24/410 neck finish alongside a range of dip tube lengths. These sprayers could be used to package products like self tanning supplies, sunscreen spray, skin cleaners for tattoo studios, and more. Mini trigger sprayers dispense .2 ml of liquid per pump and apply with ease using the sleek, ergonomic finger trigger. SKS also offers more industrial style trigger sprayers, which feature durable finger triggers, open/close nozzle settings for storing with no unwanted discharge, and spray or stream dispensing options. Check out our product spotlight regarding all of the available trigger sprayers SKS offers.


Clear Smoothie Beverage BottlesSKS offers treatment pumps and lotion pumps that are constructed for use with thicker viscosity products, such as lotions, serums, sunscreen, and more. Read about the key features of treatment and lotion pumps in our product spotlight.

Treatment pumps dispense similarly to standard lotion pumps, but are constructed to fit smaller plastic and glass bottles. The treatment pumps feature a 20/410 neck finish, as well as many different dip tube lengths to choose from and clear styrene hoods for protection when stored. Pair these treatment pumps with clear glass bottles for high end cosmetics, or plastic cosmo round bottles for travel toiletry sets.

Clear Smoothie Beverage BottlesSKS offers lotion pumps in a selection of styles to match a range of plastic and glass bottles. 24/410 treatment pumps feature a locking option, multiple dip tube lengths, and metal-free dispensing. For more information and additional features watch our lotion pump video. Lotion pumps are also available in larger neck finish sizes, including 28/410, 38/400, and 58/400.

The Importance of Testing

Testing your products with fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, and other dispensing caps is vital. While SKS can assist in pairing plastic and glass containers with these dispensing caps, we do not perform product testing. SKS has created a Help/Info page focusing on testing and sampling containers and dispensing caps to ensure you are making an informative packaging choice.

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