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DIY - Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar in Glass Beverage Bottles

DIY - Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar in Glass Beverage Bottles

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As it turns out, making vinegar is really simple! It’s definitely not something to be intimidated about - it will only take you a short time to get everything together, and after that it’s simply a waiting game, allowing the vinegar to naturally ferment over weeks. Here’s a simple tutorial for making vinegar using Glass Beverage Bottles.

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Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar in Glass Beverage Bottles

  1. Fill your jar 3/4 of the way full with apple peels and cores.
  2. Make sugar water by mixing 1 Tablespoon of white sugar to 1 Cup water – you may need several cups depending on the size of your jar, so just keep mixing this ratio and filling the jar until it’s a couple of inches from the top.
  3. Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar in Glass Beverage BottlesIf needed, use a heavy plate or small bowl at the top of the jar to keep the apple scraps submerged under the water. I find that tightly packing quart jars keeps the scraps submerged, but in larger container I often need to place a small glass or ceramic bowl on top to push the apple scraps down.
  4. Cover your jar with cheesecloth or a coffee filter. It’s very important to keep gnats out of your vinegar so make sure this is secured well. When using cheesecloth I usually double layer it.
  5. Place your vinegar in a warm dark spot for two weeks. You’ll check on it and stir it every couple of days, being sure to replace the cover well afterwards. A brown/grey scum may form on top and that’s completely normal and part of the fermentation process. You can skim it off before stirring if you like.
  6. After two weeks you’ll strain all of the apple scraps from the liquid. Discard the scraps and put the liquid back in the jar.
  7. Cover the jar well again, and place back in a dark, warm area.
  8. Leave the vinegar for at least two weeks more. At this point it should take on a traditional vinegar-y smell. Once you are happy with the smell and taste of the vinegar pour it into the glass beverage bottles for storage using a funnel. Cap the bottles and store them in a dark place! Vinegar will keep for months this way.
  9. Use your vinegar for cooking, cleaning or any other way you would normally use apple cider vinegar! It is not recommended to can or preserve with homemade vinegar because the acidity is not tested.

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar in Glass Beverage Bottles

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