DIY - Easy Lemon and Lavender Candles in SKS Glass Jars

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Follow along and watch the video below to make these easy Lemon & Lavender candles using glass jars from SKS Bottle & Packaging! For more great DIY projects & homemade recipes check out our Recipe Index!

Our extensive line of candle containers is perfect for both the candle hobbyist or the professional candle maker. SKS offers a variety of glass candle jars and metal candle tins available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Glass jars are offered in clear, frosted, and amber, while metal tins can be found in silver or gold. Glass candle votives are also available in both clear and frosted finishes and come in both round or square styles.

With a variety of decorating options, such as labels, gems, decorative paints, or etchings, you can personally transform your candle container into a unique and special gift idea or product line. Whatever your craft, we have the container for you.

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  • Anchor wicks into the jars: Wrap the wicks around the wooden sticks. Use tape to keep the wick secured to the stick if a stronger hold is needed. Using two wooden sticks to squeeze the wicks in place was helpful (with the taller jars). Rest the stick and wick on top of the jar. The bottom of the wicks should just barely touch the bottom of the jar.
  • Melt wax flakes: Melt the wax flakes in a safe, high-heat glass measuring cup. Fill the measuring cup with wax flakes. Melt the wax in a microwave, or place the glass measuring cup in a pot of boiling water. As the wax begins to melt and there is more space, add more wax to melt. For best results, allow the wax to reach 180°F.
  • Cool wax: Remove the melted wax from the heat and allow it to cool to 130°F before adding essential oils.
  • Add essential oils: It is recommended to add 30 ml of quality essential oil per 1 pound of melted soy wax. 45 ml of lavender and 45 ml of lemon essential oils were mixed into the 3 lbs of soy wax for this recipe.
  • Creating the candles: Pour the wax into the jars. Let the candles harden for 2+ hours. Trim wicks (if needed) down to 1/4" above the wax. Light & enjoy!

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