Behalf Terms and Conditions

Buy Now, and Pay Later Through Behalf

Get approved with Behalf today to receive FREE Net 30 terms, or choose from a flexible variety of financing options! This convenient new payment method allow you to buy now on the SKS Bottle site, and pay later through Behalf. Behalf is available as a payment method on any order above $300. Read below to find out how it works.

Getting Pre-Approved with Behalf

You can get pre-approved with Behalf before placing your order to speed up the checkout process when you are ready to buy your containers. Start by logging into your account, and visit the Behalf Signup form. Click the SIGN UP link to begin the process. You will be asked to provide several basic details involving your business, including your business name, address, industry, average monthly spend. Click the Check Eligibility button to check approval status. You will find out within minutes if you have been approved to pay with Behalf or not. If approved, you will be shown the maximum amount you can finance. Note that is an automated approval decision, and your account will be reviewed by Behalf once more the first time you place an order.

Once approved, you can log into this form at any time to check on your account status and available balance.

Paying with Behalf

During the checkout process on the SKS Bottle site, you will see the Pay with Behalf button as a payment option on the Checkout Payment screen, if your order subtotal is at least $300. Clicking this button will open a Behalf payment window. If you have already been pre-approved, you will simply need to enter your email address and password to log into your account and get started. If not, you will first go through the approval steps, as described above.

Once logged in, you will next be asked to choose your preferred payment option. Net 30 terms are always free, while all longer-term financing plans will be subject to a fee. Your choices range from the free Net 30 option, up to 180 days. Click any payment option to see how much you will owe, and what your weekly or monthly payment would be, and click Next to proceed.

You will finally be asked to check off on the Behalf Transaction Agreement, and submit your payment request to Behalf. You will still have a chance to review your order on the Confirmation screen. Payment with Behalf will not be authorized until the order is submitted.

Your First Behalf Order

The first time you place an order through Behalf after being pre-approved, your transaction will be under review by the Behalf Internal Risk team temporarily as they run a series of checks on your account to make sure all of the information involving your linked bank account is correct. Your order will be on hold temporarily until a response is received from Behalf. This is normally for a few hours only, and SKS will then begin to process your order. There is a small chance that your transaction may be declined after this review, in which case, an SKS Customer Care rep will contact you for an alternate payment method before releasing your order for processing. The reasons for a decline at this stage are most commonly a lack of available funds in your Business Checking Account on file, or attempting to use your entire purchase limit on a single order. To reduce the chance of decline during this process, make sure the linked bank account has enough available funds. Once your first order is complete, all future transactions should be immediately approved, barring any red flags.

Processing of Behalf Orders

Behalf payments are authorized at the time when the order is placed. Funds will be captured in full at the time of the first shipment.

What Happens Next

After the payment is captured, your payment plan with Behalf will officially begin. You will receive email communications directly from Behalf with information on how to proceed with payments. All balances due will be owed directly to Behalf, rather than SKS.

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