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Child Resistant Vials

December 2019

SKS carries child resistant plastic vials in a range of colors and sizes to suit a multitude of CBD and pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Reversible Cap Vials

Reversible cap vials, also known as flip top bottles, feature a specialized multipurpose closure with two different cap styles. One side offers a push and turn style child resistant seal, while the other is a continuous thread non-child resistant closure option. These plastic pill vials are great for keeping medication fresh and odor in check, while giving customers the option to pick a closure that suits their needs.SKS offers green, white, and black plastic reversible cap vials in four different sizes: 8 dram, 13 dram, 16 dram, and 20 dram. Each prescription vial is composed of opaque polypropylene plastic, making them great for storing products with light sensitive ingredients. Opening and closing instructions are printed on the child resistant side of each cap. LDPE plug liners in the caps offer additional barriers against moisture and air, helping to preserve product shelf life.

Purse Pak Vials

White plastic purse pak vials are available in two sizes, 16 mm and 20 mm. The 16 mm medicine vials are composed of HDPE plastic, while the 20 mm pill containers are made of polypropylene. These travel size containers are great for storing allergy pills and other small medications that are needed on-the-go. Similar to the reversible cap vials, the purse pak vial caps are child resistant and feature plug liners made of LDPE plastic. These medicine containers feature a specialized "L" style threading that makes a clicking sound when the caps are completely closed.

Pop Top Vials

Polypropylene plastic pop top vials are another great child resistant packaging option for pharmaceutical and CBD products. They are airtight, as well as moisture and odor resistant. These plastic prescription vials are available in three sizes in a range of colors. The natural and red plastic vials are translucent, while the green, white, and black plastic vials are opaque. These pharmaceutical vials feature hinged lids that open when the sides of the vials are squeezed simultaneously. These hinge top vials have smooth, straight sides for easy labeling and feature ample design space to display instructions and ingredients.

Packaging Tip

Reusable Packaging

Packaging is constantly being redesigned to meet the ever changing needs and demands of consumers. When creating a product line, the ability to reuse packaging even after the product has been used can be very attractive to customers and make the brand more memorable, while simultaneously cutting down on waste. SKS offers a variety of reusable packaging materials, including glass bottles, glass jars, and metal tins.

Product of the Month

Child Resistant Glass Droppers

SKS carries black and white child resistant droppers, which are compatible with our glass boston round bottles and PET plastic slim line cylinder bottles. These child resistant closures are composed of polypropylene with a rubber bulb, and feature opening and closing instructions embossed on the top. The attached glass pipettes can hold up to 0.8 ml, which can be dispensed in a stream or in drops. These droppers are great for dispensing a variety of liquid products, including medications, essential oils, and more.

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