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Baby Care Plastic Bottles

September 2019

SKS carries a wide variety of plastic bottles for packaging essential baby care products, including baby powder, baby oil, bubble bath, and more.

PET Plastic Bottles

White PET plastic baby lotion bottles are available in five convenient sizes for easy transportation in diaper bags or storage near baby changing stations. The 8 oz and 16 oz boston round bottles are paired with white plastic lotion pumps, while the 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz baby bottles are paired with smooth white treatment pumps. The lotion pumps feature a locking mechanism in the head and dispense 0.5 ml of product per pump. The treatment pumps dispense 190 MCL per pump and include clear overcaps to help prevent unwanted discharge when not in use.Clear PET plastic baby oil bottles feature black or white snap top caps. These cosmo round bottles are available in 6 oz or 8 oz sizes and offer a large label panel area for custom branding. The snap top caps feature a .250” orifice, which allows a small amount of product to be dispensed at a time.Clear plastic baby shampoo bottles feature white disc top caps and high flexibility for easy dispensing. These clear bottles are available in 2, 4, 8, 12, and 16 oz sizes. The white plastic disc top caps feature either a .270" or a .308" orifice and are easily opened and closed by pressing either side of the plastic cap top.

HDPE Plastic Bottles

White HDPE plastic baby powder containers feature attached sifter caps that can be easily opened and closed by twisting clockwise or counterclockwise. HDPE plastic offers a good moisture barrier, as well as temperature resistance, which can help preserve the state of powder products. Choose between five sizes, perfect for at home or on-the-go.Natural HDPE plastic baby bubble bath bottles are available in various sizes with white ribbed plastic caps. These HDPE bottles are highly flexible and offer resistance against grease and oils. The white plastic caps include PE foam liners, which provide an additional barrier against moisture and air for better product preservation.

Packaging Tip

White Plastic Containers

White plastic is available in a variety of materials, including PET, HDPE, and Polypropylene, and can be easily molded into jars and bottles. White plastic bottles and jars retain the same characteristics as their clear plastic counterparts, but due to their opaqueness they also feature UV resistance. By blocking all light, white plastic provides protection for many light sensitive ingredients.

Product of the Month

White ABS Cosmetic Jars

White ABS plastic cosmetic jars are available in ¼ oz or ½ oz sizes and are a great packaging choice for packed powders, like eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and more. ABS plastic is extremely durable and offers great resistance to moisture and heat. The compatible plastic caps feature clear windows, which are ideal for displaying a variety of product shades and colors.

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