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Perfume Packaging

July 2019

SKS carries a wide variety of glass and plastic bottles and jars, as well as metal tins, that are perfect for perfume and fragrance packaging.

Perfume Bottles

SKS offers a range of plastic and glass roller bottles and spray bottles that are great for housing perfumes or scented oils. 0.35 oz glass roll on bottles feature an assortment of white, black, gold, and silver cap options to choose from. These glass perfume containers protect against leaching, making them ideal for oil-based products. 13 ml mini roller bottles with white plastic caps are made of PET plastic, which has high clarity, as well as resistance to grease and oil. Both travel size bottles are great for on-the-go and feature a removable fitment piece that allows the glass and plastic bottles to be refilled and reused.Natural frosted polypropylene plastic cylinders are available in three sizes and feature fine mist sprayers. 4 ml clear glass spray bottles are also available. Similar to the PET plastic and glass roller bottles, the sprayer bottles are reusable and travel size. The 4 ml and 5 ml fragrance bottles could also be great for perfume samples. Each size perfume bottle includes a clear overcap to prevent unwanted discharge when storing or traveling.Clear glass perfume sample vials come in two sizes: 41 mm or 65 mm. Each perfume sample bottle includes a black PE or natural PE plastic stopper and can be purchased with or without an applicator attached.

Perfume Jars & Tins

SKS carries many plastic jars and metal tins that could be used for scented balms and solid perfume packaging. 3 ml black plastic jars feature attached hinged lids with clear windows. These solid perfume containers are made from highly durable ABS plastic, which also offers great impact and chemical resistance.Clear polystyrene jars with matte black plastic caps are available in three sizes: 10 ml, 20 ml, and 45 ml. Polystyrene plastic is inexpensive and lightweight, and offers a similar clarity and stiffness to glass. The plastic caps feature a F217 liner, which is designed to keep moisture out and preserve product freshness.Flat metal tins with rolled edge covers and metal tins with twist top lids are made of tin-plated steel and provide barriers against light, gas, and oxygen. The metal tins with rolled edge covers are available in seven sizes and the tins with twist top lids are available in three sizes. Slide top tins are also available in two sizes and are great travel containers.

Packaging Tip

Digital Scales

SKS offers a variety of weighing scales and counting scales that are suitable for many industries. Scales are a great asset when measuring and packaging product in larger quantities. Pocket scales are convenient, portable, and include sliding pans that serve as protective shields when not in use. Compact scales are small enough to be transported in a backpack and excel in quality and accuracy. Bench scales are designed to handle larger weighing capacities and feature stainless steel weighing pans, simple menu operation, and a LCD display.

Product of the Month

White PET Heavy Wall Jars

White PET plastic heavy wall jars are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. The thick wall jar construction makes these plastic jars highly durable and ideal for packaging cosmetics, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals, which require protection against moisture and air. These jars can be paired with or without a variety of caps with F217 liners and pressure sensitive liners. A child resistant cap is also available for the 4 oz jar.

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