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Spa Containers

May 2019

SKS carries a wide range of salon and spa containers, including massage lotion bottles and jars, scented oil bottles, and aromatherapy candle tins.

Plastic Bottles

SKS offers a wide range of PET plastic bottles that are great for housing massage lotion or scented oils. Blue, green, or amber boston round bottles and naples oval bottles, paired with white disc top caps, are flexible and offer a convenient dispensing method for lotions, or other higher viscosity spa products. The colored bottles are semi-transparent, providing clear visibility of how much product is inside. These spa bottles can also be paired with lotion pumps or fine mist sprayers for additional dispensing methods.Clear PET plastic woozy bottles also provide complete product visibility and are available in two sizes. These plastic massage oil bottles feature a long neck for easier pouring and can be paired with orifice reducers for a more controlled dispensing option.

Plastic Jars

SKS also carries an assortment of lotion jars and spa tins. Natural polypropylene plastic jars with white plastic caps are available in ten sizes and could be ideal for supply refill and storage. These cream jars are translucent and shatterproof. Frosted thick wall polypropylene plastic jars are also available with an opaque finish. Clear PET plastic heavy wall jars are available with white dome caps with F217 liners. The F217 liner is designed to keep moisture out and preserve product freshness.

Metal Tins

Flat tins with rolled edge covers are made of tin-plated steel and provide barriers against light, gas, and oxygen. These shallow lotion tins provide convenient product access and the rolled edge covers offer easy opening and closing. Gold metal tins are also made from tin-plated steel and are paired with rolled edge covers. These deep metal tins are available in three sizes and could be used to house lotions or aromatherapy candles.

Packaging Tip

Paperboard Packaging

SKS offers a variety of paperboard tubes and brown paperboard jars for an eco-friendly packaging option.

Benefits of Paperboard:

  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Versatile

Paperboard is also manufactured using mostly renewable energy producing a smaller carbon footprint.

Product of the Month

Clear Glass Jelly Jars

8 oz clear glass jelly jars are highly versatile and could be used for packaging canned foods, preserves, candles, and more. These canning jars feature a large opening for easy access with a spoon, knife, or candle lighter. The tall, straight sided glass jar walls offer a large labeling area for custom branding.

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