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PIR & PCR Plastic Containers for Sustainable Packaging

March 2019

SKS carries personal care jars and deli containers made from recycled PCR plastic and PIR plastic in a range of sizes with matching cap options to fit your sustainable packaging needs.

PCR Plastic

PCR plastic, or post consumer resin, is often used in the cosmetic and bath & body industries to package ecologically conscious products. PCR consists of a blend of resins from previously used plastic packaging that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Recycled plastic containers are separated and cleaned, then extruded and reprocessed into post consumer resin.

  • Benefits of PCR plastic:
  • Reduces plastic sent to landfills
  • Mitigates use of fossil fuels and energy
  • Low gas-vapor transmission rate
  • Similar durability and appearance to PET plastic

PCR (PET) plastic jars are available in five sizes ranging from ½ oz to 16 oz and are compatible with three plastic cap options. Choose between smooth black foam lined caps, black plastic dome caps with F217 liners, or smooth black polypropylene plastic caps with PS22 liners. Pressure sensitive liners adhere to the mouth of the cosmetic jars and create a moisture barrier that protects the product inside. The PS22 liners are printed with the phrase "sealed for freshness" and can be peeled away when opening the recycled plastic containers.Clear PET (PCR) plastic food containers are available in either 8 oz or 16 oz sizes with tamper resistant lids as an eco-friendly packaging option for food storage or bath products. The tamper evident lids provide a leak resistant seal and indicate if the deli tubs have been previously opened.

PIR Plastic

PIR plastic, or post industrial resin, is made from scrap product that is left over during the production process, i.e. product that is pulled to test quality, and is most often made with virgin materials. PIR offers the same characteristics as polypropylene plastic and is commonly used as packaging for bath & body products, as well as for automotive, household chemical, and industrial products.

  • Benefits of PIR plastic:
  • Strong moisture and oil barriers
  • Highly durable
  • Good impact resistance
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Polypropylene (PIR) frosted black jars are available in 2 oz or 4 oz sizes with a choice of two matching cap options: frosted black dome caps or smooth frosted deep skirted black caps. Consider these eco-friendly plastic jars for housing skin care creams, lotions, body scrubs, and more.

Packaging Tip

Custom Labels

SKS offers custom labels in a variety of shapes and sizes for designing a unique product line. Specifications are provided for both matte labels and gloss labels, as well as for artwork requirements. Downloadable templates are available to assist in formatting a range of custom label sizes., while the compatibility chart and add-ons buttons help to determine which products each packaging label is compatible with.

Product of the Month

Glass Moonshine Bottles

Glass moonshine bottles are available in 375 ml and 750 ml sizes for housing a variety of liquors, oils, or syrups. These liquor bottles are paired with a range of colmated corks and natural corks with bar tops in black plastic, natural wood, or stained wood. Handles molded into the sides of the syrup bottles assist in pouring and transporting. The glass bottle protects against product leaching, and the fitted bar top corks provide a tight seal that keeps moisture out and helps prevent the contents from leaking.

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