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Double Wall and Thick Wall Jars

February 2019

SKS carries a variety of double wall jars and thick wall jars ideal for skin care, beauty, and cosmetic packaging. Choose from a range of sizes, colors, and compatible cap options to fit your branding needs.

Double Wall Plastic Jars

Double wall jars are composed of two separate parts that are mechanically assembled. The inner container is surrounded by an outer shell that acts as an additional barrier to protect product from outside contaminants. While this style of skin care jar holds less than a single wall jar, the visual impact is much greater. These cosmetic jars have a high end look and are ideal for creams or powder based products. These jars make excellent lotion containers that cost less than thick wall jars and are designed with closures that run flush with the sides of the plastic cosmetic jar.White polypropylene plastic double wall jars are available in five sizes and can be paired with smooth or dome caps with F217 liners. The foam liners create a barrier between the product and the cap that reduces the chance of leakage and preserves shelf life. These makeup containers are compatible with cosmetic disc liners for an additional layer of protection, and can also be paired with smooth white caps with PS22 liners. PS22 liner is a pressure sensitive liner that adheres to the mouth of the lotion jar after the cap has been screwed into place and set for about 24 hours. Printed with "sealed for your protection" across the top, the pressure sensitive liner creates a moisture barrier that protects the product inside and can be removed by peeling.

Thick Wall Plastic Jars

Thick wall jars are molded from a single piece of plastic for extra durability and to allow the side of the closure to run flush with the sides of the makeup jar. The single wall construction assures that the body butter jars won’t come apart during filling, packaging, assembly, printing, or shipping. The thicker walls lead to fewer damaged units as compared to double wall jars, which are also lighter and more fragile than thick wall jars, making these travel size containers popular within the pharmaceutical industry.Thick wall polypropylene jars are available in four colors: white, frosted, black, or pink. The white jars are available in two styles: The ⅛ oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, and 1 oz sizes feature a taller design, while the additional 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz sizes feature a wider, flatter design. Each straight sided jar can be paired with smooth white caps with PE liners. The frosted jars can be paired with smooth caps or dome caps. The frosted design and thick wall gives these cosmetic containers a similar look and feel of glass, but are lightweight and durable. Thick wall black cosmetic jars also feature smooth black caps with F217 liners. These sample containers come in four sizes, and their sleek design makes them a good choice for product promotion. The eye-catching pink jars come in one convenient travel size and are paired with matching pink caps.

Packaging Tip

Shrink Bands

SKS carries a wide selection of PVC plastic shrink bands in a range of colors and sizes. Shrink bands provide a cost effective and easy way to add a tamper evident seal to product lines. Depending on the size and shape of the packaging, shrink bands can be applied using a heat gun to cover the entire container, or just around the closure. A perforated edge along the side of each shrink band allows for easy removal and indicates whether the product has been opened previously.

Product of the Month

Footed Candle Tins

Footed candle tins are made from tin plated steel and come in three convenient sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz. Feet embossed into the base raise the metal tins 1 mm and allow for airflow when a candle is lit, which keeps both the candle container and the surface it sits on cool. Tin plated steel preserves contents naturally and is also non-toxic, durable, and recyclable, making it usable for salves, lip balm, or as a bath salt container.

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