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Highlighting 2018 New Products

January 2019

In 2018 SKS expanded its online catalog by bringing in over 400 new bulk products and kits! Visit our new products page to browse the 2018 additions. Let's take a look at some of the new products SKS has to offer.

Essential Oil Bottles

SKS supplies a wide range of glass aromatherapy bottles. New green glass euro dropper bottles are available in five convenient sizes and can be paired with black or white tamper evident caps with orifice reducers, or black tamper evident glass droppers. The orifice reducers and glass droppers offer controlled dispensing, allowing liquid products to be released one drop at a time. When first removing the caps from the glass dropper bottles, the tamper evident ring will detach, ensuring the product has not been used.Amber glass roll on bottles are travel size and available with either black or white polypropylene plastic caps. A plastic fitment with a roll on ball is inserted firmly into the essential oil bottle neck allowing fragrance oils to be applied evenly. Both the green glass bottles and the amber glass bottles provide UV protection for light sensitive oils.

Child Resistant Packaging

This year, SKS expanded its line of child resistant caps and containers for pharmaceutical packaging and CBD packaging. New pop top vials are available in three sizes and come in five different color options. Each plastic vial features a child resistant closure with opening instructions embossed on the lid.White polypropylene plastic purse pak vials and white HDPE plastic purse pak vials feature unique child resistant caps. These travel size plastic vials were designed with special "L" style threading that is only compatible with child resistant caps with plug liners. The plug liners are made of LDPE plastic and create a seal that protects products from moisture and other contaminants.

Food Containers

A number of new items were also added for the ever-popular food industry. New 16 oz and 10 oz clear PET plastic food jars can be paired with ribbed caps with induction liners. When applied using an induction sealing machine, induction liners adhere to the mouth of the peanut butter jars, creating an air-tight, tamper evident seal that helps to maintain product freshness. The 10 oz food jar can also be paired with spice caps with pressure sensitive liners for housing seasonings and dry rubs. Pressure sensitive liners do not require any additional equipment to be applied. They adhere to the mouth of the food container after the cap has been attached and left for about 24 hours.10 oz clear glass sauce bottles are an addition to our line of glass woozy bottles. Glass will not leach and will preserve product shelf life while maintaining potency, aroma, and flavor, making it a good option for food products. These hot sauce bottles can be purchased with a variety of ribbed caps with orifice reducers for packaging sauces and dressings, or cork stoppers for packaging spice blends or herbs.

Packaging Tip

Lotion Pumps and Treatment Pumps

SKS carries many lotion pumps and treatment pumps for easily dispensing low viscosity products. Each cosmetic pump consists of a dip tube that is cut and measured to fit a variety of glass and plastic bottle sizes. Most of our lotion pumps dispense 0.5ml or 2cc of product per pump and are designed for use with cosmetic containers above 4 oz in size. The polypropylene plastic treatment pumps are designed for use with smaller skin care bottles and dispense 190 MCL of product per pump. The lotion pumps feature a locking mechanism, and each treatment pump includes a clear styrene plastic hood, for preventing unwanted discharge during transportation or storage.

Product of the Month

Heat Shrink Capsules

Heat shrink capsules are made of PVC plastic and are designed to sit over the closure on a sealed container. Commonly used for packaging wine and spirits, these PVC shrink capsules attach to the neck of the liquor bottle when applied using a heat gun, creating a one-time tamper evident seal. Heat shrink capsules are available in two sizes and come in a variety of colors.

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