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Cosmetic Containers

November 2018

SKS offers an expanding selection of cosmetic containers to package skin creams, liquid foundation, powdered makeup and more. Choose from glass or plastic cosmetic bottles and jars in a range of sizes to suit your beauty packaging needs.

Cosmetic Bottles

SKS carries multiple cosmetic bottles and tubes for liquid makeup and skin care packaging. Clear glass boston round bottles with black treatment pumps offer an easy way to dispense liquid foundation or face serums in small volumes. The treatment pump is designed for smaller applications and dispenses 190 MCL of product per pump. Clear glass bottles with phenolic caps include cone liners that provide a leak proof seal and act as a barrier between the product and the cap. These makeup containers could be used to house liquid foundation, facial toner, or makeup remover. The 10 ml clear glass roll on bottles feature a stainless steel roll on ball and can be paired with either black or white polypropylene caps for packaging liquid cosmetics, like lip gloss or eye serum. The roll on ball snaps in and out of the cosmetic bottle neck via a plastic fitment, making these lip gloss containers easy to clean and reuse. Also efficient for storing fragrances, these glass perfume bottles are available in additional 0.35 oz sizes in multiple colors.Plastic concealer tubes and makeup bottles offer a more durable and lightweight makeup packaging option. Plastic tube bottles and oval lotion bottles can be paired with white snap top caps for dispensing larger quantities of product depending on how much pressure is applied when squeezing the bottles. Similarly, LDPE plastic dropper bottles are flexible and paired with dropper tips, which provide a controlled stream of the product when the makeup container is squeezed. These foundation bottles are ideal for packaging matte cosmetics where only a small amount of product is needed at a time.

Cosmetic Jars

Makeup jars and lip balm pots, like SKS’ plastic concealer jars with clear window lids provide a unique way to showcase powder and cream cosmetics, like eyeshadow, lip gloss, or solid perfume. Urea plastic cosmetic jars feature a rigidity that is similar to phenolic and are resistant to chemicals, alcohol, and bases. Silver plastic lip balm containers are sample size and feature a hinged lid, rather than a screw top. These sample containers are made from ABS plastic, which is sturdy, like urea plastic, chemically resistant, and easy to recycle. Black cosmetic jars feature a similar design to the white urea plastic jars, but are made of ABS plastic. Black SAN plastic eyeshadow pans with inner dividers are also available for housing cosmetic palettes.Clear styrene plastic double wall jars with clear dome caps feature a two layer construction that allows a small capacity of product to stand out in a higher capacity container. Styrene plastic offers high clarity and rigidity, giving it a similar appearance to glass. Polystyrene plastic square jars are available in two sizes and can be paired with silver caps with windows for sample size cosmetics. Clear styrene plastic powder jars feature matte black caps, smooth white caps, or matte silver caps and double sifters. The cosmetic jar sifter sits right inside the opening of the makeup container, and a small plastic piece is rotated to securely open and close the sifter holes. This allows powder cosmetics, such as bronzer or foundation, to be dispensed as needed and prevents spilling when not in use.

Packaging Tip

Sample Size Containers

SKS carries a variety of metal, glass, or plastic sample containers under 2 oz in size for promoting your product. Sample size metal tins are durable and non-toxic, making them ideal for housing non-liquid-based products, like lip balms or bath salts. Glass sample bottles and jars are versatile and prevent product leaching, making them ideal for food and skin care products. Plastic sample jars and bottles are lightweight and economical, and could be used to package a range of cosmetics or body care products. Each sample size container is reusable and recyclable, and features a variety of cap options to best suit your product.

Product of the Month

Styrene Plastic Airless Pump Bottles

Clear styrene plastic airless pump bottles are available in three sizes and feature white polypropylene airless pumps with silver collars. Each airless pump includes a clear AS plastic cap to prevent product discharge when not in use. Airless pumps use a vacuum mechanism to dispense product without coming into contact with outside contaminants, preserving shelf life and making them ideal for packaging sensitive products, such as hair and facial serum, moisturizer, or eye cream.

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