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October 2018

SKS Bottle carries a large selection of plastic and glass pharmaceutical bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes for housing products like vitamins, prescription medication, fish oil, and more. Many of our over the counter pharmaceutical containers can be paired with child resistant caps for added protection, a range of regular caps for packaging non-toxic products, or shrink bands for tamper evidence.

Plastic Pill Containers

Plastic containers are lightweight and shatterproof, making them easy and economical to ship and store. SKS carries many plastic medicine bottles, such as white HDPE plastic OTC pharmaceutical round bottles with induction lined child resistant caps in sizes ranging from 75 cc to 500 cc. HDPE plastic provides good barriers against moisture, oils, and temperature, making it a good choice for storing pills and tablets. The induction liner, applied using an induction sealing machine, provides a tamper evident, airtight seal over the mouth of the container. These wide mouth bottles are also available in clear or natural with regular or child resistant caps with foam liners, which provide protection against outside moisture and contaminants.Pill containers, such as white polypropylene pop top vials are ideal for packaging tablets or CBD products. The OTC pharmaceutical vials include a child resistant hinge top closure that can only be opened by squeezing the sides of the prescription vial simultaneously. Available in three sizes, 13 dram, 19 dram, or 30 dram, these opaque pill bottles can also be purchased in black or green. Translucent options are available in red or natural.Clear PET plastic square bottles are available with child resistant caps for preventing access by children. Each child resistant cap includes opening instructions embossed in the top. These vitamin bottles feature a wide mouth design for easy filling and dispensing and are also available in amber or white for light sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Glass Medicine Bottles

SKS offers various glass over the counter pharma bottles for storing home remedies, oils, and liquid vitamins. Glass has high chemical barriers and naturally protects products against leaching, thus preserving potency, aroma, and flavor. Similar to the plastic wide mouth bottles, SKS carries amber glass pharma bottles. The OTC amber glass pill bottles are available in six sizes ranging from 15 cc to 950 cc. These prescription bottles feature wide openings that make it easy to dispense or refill product.Glass boston round bottles are available in multiple colors and can be paired with black or white child resistant glass droppers. The child resistant feature requires a push and turn motion that prevents children from easily accessing the contents and the glass droppers allow for a more controlled dosage, making these over the counter dropper bottles ideal for liquid medications like CBD oil, prescription eye drops, or infant medicines. Amber glass oblong flasks offer uv protection for light sensitive products and help to preserve shelf life. These fish oil bottles are available with black tamper evident caps, which include a pouring insert for dispensing liquid products with a controlled flow. The tamper evident ring snaps when the cap is initially removed from the medicine bottle, indicating the product has been used.

Packaging Tip

Polystyrene Containers

SKS carries a wide range of dispensing caps to be paired with flexible plastic containers for packaging liquid and low viscosity products. Snap top caps feature a single orifice and are ideally used with more viscous products, like honey or hair gel. A plug in the cap top covers the orifice when the cap is snapped closed, preventing leakage. Disc top caps feature a wider orifice and a pivoting point in the middle of the cap that allows them to be opened and closed by pressing down on the top. Choose between gold, black, silver, or white cap options for packaging products like shampoo or body wash. Twist top caps and spout caps allow for a steady stream of liquid product when the cap is open and the bottle is squeezed. Twist top caps can also be used with thicker products like adhesives or inks. Glass droppers and plastic caps with orifice reducers offer a more controlled dispensing option for liquid products, like essential oils or e-liquid. Glass droppers use a suction motion to draw product into a glass pipette when the rubber bulb is squeezed and released. The rate at which product is dispensed is controlled by the pressure on the rubber bulb. Orifice reducers sit inside the bottle neck, like a plug, and release product in a constant flow one drop at a time.

Product of the Month

CR Sprayer Bottles

White polypropylene cylinder bottles feature child resistant sprayers and are sealed with white polypropylene plugs once filled. Polypropylene plastic provides good barriers against moisture, oil, and alcohols, while the opaque cylinder bottle protects against UV light. The child resistant sprayer component prevents infants from accessing the product and a tear tab over the sprayer opening provides assurance the product has not been previously used. These travel size OTC medicine bottles could be used to house an array of medicinal sprays, including disinfectant, throat lozenges, or insect repellant.

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