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Bath & Body Care Containers

September 2018

From plastic bottles to glass jars to metal tins, SKS offers an ever expanding range of bath and body care containers. Each line of bath containers is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be purchased with various cap options to fit your style and branding needs.

Bath & Body Care Bottles

SKS carries numerous glass and plastic body care and bath bottles. Hair product containers, such as purple PET plastic bottles, white plastic cosmo round bottles, or blue plastic bottles could be used to package an array of shampoos and leave in conditioners. PET plastic provides effective barriers against moisture, oxygen, alcohol, acids, grease, and oil. Purple and blue PET bottles offer high clarity so you can easily see how much product remains, while white PET bottles are opaque and offer UV protection. Each style of shampoo bottle can be paired with your choice of disc top caps, lotion pumps, or fine mist sprayers for a complete product line. Clear plastic bottles with natural fine mist sprayers are available in multiple styles and sizes. The transparent body spray bottles allow the product inside to pop, making for a more vibrant display to house fragrances and hair products. The elongated form of these bath bottles allows the sprayer dip tube to fit comfortably along the base and access product to the last drop. Frosted glass boston round bottles offer a high end look and can be paired with lotion pumps or treatment pumps for housing an array of soaps, serums, and facial toners or cleansers. The skin care bottles can also be paired with black phenolic cone lined caps, which offer a good barrier for liquid based products and help prevent leakage. Glass is naturally impermeable and protects against leaching. Additionally, frosted glass is translucent and offers some UV protection compared to clear glass.

Bath & Body Care Jars

Similar to the frosted glass bottles, frosted glass straight sided jars with smooth black caps and clear straight sided glass jars with aluminum caps offer an elegant, high end look for packaging bath salts or sugar scrubs. Glass body scrub containers are reusable, recyclable, and do not contain any harmful chemicals as they are made from natural materials. A zero rate of chemical interactions ensures the product inside maintains its strength and aroma. Skin care jars, like SKS’ green PET straight sided jars and blue plastic square jars offer a colorful body care packaging option for hand salve, face cream, bath oil beads, and more. Unlike glass, PET plastic jars are lightweight and shatterproof, reducing shipping costs and preserving product if the container is dropped. PET plastic also has been shown to handle skin care products containing essential oils well because it has a high permeability resistance. Polypropylene jars are highly durable and provide a good barrier against moisture, oil, and alcohol. SKS offers multiple polypropylene bath salt containers in natural, frosted, or white. Each bath salt jar features a wide opening, making it easy to dispense any range of bath care products. White polypropylene double wall jars are also suited for housing thicker products, such as mud masks and creams, and can be paired with cosmetic disc liners for an additional barrier between the product and the lid.

Bath & Body Care Tins

Deep metal tins and flat metal tins with rolled edge covers are made of tin plated steel and could be used to store body care products, such as skin and lip balms, shampoo bars, or lotion bars. Tin plated steel is lightweight, non-toxic, durable, and 100% recyclable. SKS carries metal lip balm containers paired with slip top metal lids, which fit securely on the tin body, to keep product fresh, and offer a large label panel area. The metal tins feature a lip around the top, also known as a rolled edge, that protects your hands and fingers from sharp edges. Many smaller sizes make these lip balm tins travel size and convenient for on-the-go.

Packaging Tip

Child Resistant Packaging

SKS carries a variety of certified child resistant plastic caps and droppers in a range of sizes and styles. Child resistant packaging is special packaging used to reduce the risk of children ingesting dangerous items, usually via a specialized cap that is designed to make it difficult for a small child to open a container. Child resistant packaging is required for pharmaceutical bottles and chemical containers of any kind for your protection.

Product of the Month

Hemp Zipper Bags

Hemp zipper bags are eco-friendly, durable, and come in four sizes. The zipper bags offer a convenient packaging option for cosmetic gift sets or travel sets and feature clear PEVA plastic panels in the front and back for showcasing products. The inside of the bags provide ample space for conveniently storing bath and body care products, such as lip gloss containers, body butter jars, body lotion containers, and shower accessories.

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