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Honey Containers

June 2018

SKS Bottle carries a wide selection of glass and plastic honey bottles and jars for packaging flavored honey, spun honey, also called creamed honey, or raw honey, as well as different honey products. Each line of honey containers is available in a range of styles and can be purchased with various cap options to fit your needs.

Glass Honey Jars and Bottles

SKS offers multiple glass wide mouth honey containers that allow for easy filling and can be dispensed using a spoon or wooden honey dipper. Most of our glass honey container sizes are expressed in terms of "honey weight", instead of fluid ounces and, unlike some plastic containers, can withstand hot filling at high temperatures to sterilize the product and container and reduce the need of preservatives. Glass containers also allow honey to be reheated if it crystallizes without worry of the container leaching or melting.Our classic honey jars have a distinct beehive shape with both wide and flat features to better showcase products. These ribbed honey jars can be paired with a variety of caps with different liners, including plastisol, induction, and foam liners. Our glass honey pots, also known as tureen jars, have a lug finish making them compatible with gold, red, black, or silver metal plastisol lined caps to potentially package spun or raw honey. Our line of clear glass paragon jars and economy jars are continuous thread and can be paired with metal plastisol lined caps or white honey pumps to package lines of flavored honey. The decorated clear glass muth bottles are vintage style bottles designed for storing honey. These muth honey bottles are available in two sizes and could be paired with cork stoppers for an antique look when packaging raw or liquid honey.

Plastic Honey Jars and Bottles

Clear, shatterproof PET plastic containers maintain the traditional appearance of glass, but are lightweight, durable, and hot fill compatible with a maximum fill temperature of 160° F. Many of our plastic honey containers feature a wide neck for easy filling and all can be reused and recycled.The classic 2 oz and 8 oz plastic honey bear bottles are available with black or yellow snap top caps, with different orifice sizes, and the 1.5 oz size honey bear can be purchased with non-dispensing lined screw caps. The clear PET inverted ovals are similar in shape to our beehive bottles and are squeezable. These inverted bottles can be paired with non-dispensing or dispensing caps with different liners for maintaining product freshness, and could be used for packaging raw honey. SKS also carries clear PET straight sided jars, wire bale jars, and square honey bottles which can be used with a honey dipper or spoon. The straight sided and wire bale jars could be ideal for creamed honey or honey-based beauty products, like face or hair masks. The PET square bottles could be used as a unique packaging choice for flavored or organic honey, or honey infused beverages.

Packaging Tip

Plastic Flex Tubes

Clear propionate tubes can be paired with natural HDPE plugs or silver metal screw caps in a variety of sizes and shapes. These flexible plastic tubes are designed for reuse and are commonly used for small items, such as bath salts, spices, craft supplies, and more. They offer transparency, making product identification easy for customers, and can be custom branded.

Product of the Month

Glass Hexagon Jars

The clear glass hexagon jars are available in five sizes and come in a lug finish. Their resistance to product leaching, wide mouth, and high end look makes these jars ideal for a multitude of food products, including raw honey, jellies, sauces, or spreads. Stylish black or gold metal plastisol lined lug caps provide an air-tight, tamper evident seal when paired with these glass hexagon jars.

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