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March 2018

CBD is offered in a wide range of products from oils to topicals, and SKS is pleased to introduce our new CBD Packaging index, providing a variety of CBD packaging options to suit the needs of any dispensary.

As the use, dosage, and packaging requirements for CBD products vary, it is essential to be aware of specific regulations and guidelines applicable to you before purchasing CBD packaging. With this in mind, SKS has compiled an extensive inventory of items that adhere to many basic rules and regulations, while providing effective and eye-catching packaging solutions for CBD products.

CBD & Hemp Packaging

Hemp protein powder form is the most simplistic and recognizable way to offer CBD based products. Whether packaging for sale, or for storage within a dispensary, SKS provides many unique options in plastic bottles, jars, bags, vials, glass containers, and metal tins, with several child resistant and tamper evident choices. With such a large selection, properly housing single to multiple doses of hemp powders and seeds is both secure and convenient. Choose from a variety of opaque and transparent options that may be required based on state regulations for your dispensary. All CBD packaging options include labeling areas to list any necessary information.

CBD Capsule & Concentrate Containers

As an easy to consume, yet potent option, CBD capsules are a popular form of CBD offered in many locations. Pharmaceutical round bottles available in plastic and glass can can be used to package different quantities of CBD capsules, offering dosage for one week up to a month.Various forms of CBD concentrates are typically sold in smaller quantities, with a high standard of packaging. Choosing the correct packaging for CBD concentrates depends on the allotted doses per container, as well as state and local regulations. Choose opaque plastic CBD concentrate jars with clear caps or clear glass jars with black caps to showcase solid form of CBD concentrates, including waxes and shatters. Alternatively, for liquid forms including oils, choose clear glass bottles with child resistant black bulb glass droppers for drop by drop dispensing.

CBD Edible Packaging

Customers often choose CBD edibles and drinks as a smoke and odor free option, and as a way to mask the taste and side effects of other methods. CBD candies can include mints, chocolates, drinks, and more, making it easy to find the right product for every need. SKS offers CBD edible containers including glass and plastic CBD infused drink bottles, metal tins, glass jars, plastic vials, and more. These durable containers provide barriers, offer high levels of resistance, and feature broader openings for dispensing with ease. Our packaging is FDA approved, allowing secure packaging of consumables.

CBD Tincture Bottles

CBD tinctures can be dispensed orally, infused in teas and other beverages, applied directly to the skin, or used with diffusers, offering great versatility. Plastic slim line cylinders paired with black child resistant glass droppers could be used as CBD tincture bottles, offering convenient and controlled dispensing with an added level of security. Glass vials with bulb glass droppers are available in various colors to distinguish between flavors, while providing accurate and straightforward dispensing of CBD oils through many conventional methods. Amber glass euro dropper bottles are also available in a range of sizes that include tamper evident caps and orifice reducers.

Hemp & CBD Dispensary Supplies

When packaging a range of hemp and CBD products, the right supplies can streamline productivity and effectively reduce contamination. Maintain organization in your dispensary with a variety of large to small tubs, and make sure your CBD containers include the correct amounts with highly accurate digital scales. With face masks, gloves, and plastic scoops, the possibility of contamination from direct skin contact can be reduced.

Packaging Tip

Plastic Bag Sealers

Bag sealers can be a useful tool within both small and large dispensaries. When used with our line of clear plastic bags, these bag sealers provide customizable sealed bag sizes. Just fill the bags and seal at any point to create a bag specific to the size needed to save space in your stockroom. Each bag sealer weighs only 11 pounds and is energy efficient as it uses power solely while sealing. The seal created is waterproof and airtight, allowing for packaging of CBD products in various forms for an extended period of time. With adjustable heat and timing settings, as well as a compact and lightweight design, these plastic bag sealers could make production and storage organized and practical.

Product of the Month

Green Euro Droppers

Introducing green glass euro dropper bottles in 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml sizes to provide packaging for an array of products. These bottles are durable, offer proper barriers for your products, and are impermeable and nonporous for use with products that could include essential and aromatherapy oils. Pair with black tamper evident bulb glass droppers, or choose from white or black tamper evident caps with included orifice reducers.

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