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PET Food Jars

February 2018

SKS Bottle & Packaging has recently introduced a new custom mold; our 16 oz clear PET food jar. This unique and versatile plastic jar could be an eye-catching and effective packaging choice for a multitude of food products, including condiments, honey, ground coffee, tea, peanut butter, almond butter, apple butter, and other various spreads, sauces, or powders. These plastic jars offer a wide range of beneficial features to present your food products in style, while keeping them fresh on store shelves.

16 oz Clear PET Food Jars

Our new plastic food jars offer a 70 mm wide mouth opening for easy dispensing with spoons, knives, or small spatulas. PET wide mouth jars are easy to clean using mild soap and hot water, and can be reused multiple times without risk of deterioration. Compared to traditional rounded peanut butter jars, these plastic food jars stand out with a more modern, straight sided shape. This unique and versatile peanut butter jar measures 122 mm tall by 76 mm wide without a cap, making it compact and easy to store. The blank jar design can be custom branded and is compatible with a maximum label size of 67 mm tall by 233 mm wide. These plastic jars can be purchased with or without an assortment of compatible closures.

Compatible Caps For PET Food Jars

These peanut butter jars are compatible with SKS' line of polypropylene ribbed caps with tri-foil #3 induction liners. The plastic caps come in a variety of color options: white, red, black, blue, brown, or yellow. By using a range of colors, the plastic caps could be used to color code different product variations. These caps can be purchased with the PET food jars as a kit, or separately in bulk quantities.Induction lined caps can be highly beneficial in maintaining the optimal freshness of your food products. When properly applied with an Induction Cap Sealing System, the caps create an airtight, hermetic seal as the induction liners remain securely on the plastic jars. As an added feature, the liners are also printed with the phrase "Sealed for Freshness."

Benefits of PET Plastic for Food Packaging

Plastic is the most commonly used material for food packaging. Its durability and low risk of breakage makes it ideal for shipping and storage. PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a shatterproof and lightweight packaging material that also offers the same level of clarity as glass. PET containers are economical choices for food products such as beverages, dressings, cooking oils, peanut butter and much more. PET is hygienic, non-reactive with food or beverages, and will not biologically degrade. It is also 100% reusable and recyclable.

Benefits of Induction Liners

Induction liners are comprised of several layers: pulpboard, wax, foil, and a polymer coating. When passed through an induction machine, the heated foil melts the wax and polymer, creating a hermetic seal when it adheres and solidifies to the container opening. This prevents leakage and maintains product freshness until the container is opened and the seal is removed. Induction liners are tamper evident. Once removed, they cannot be reapplied. To adhere properly, induction liners must be applied using an induction sealing machine.

Packaging Tip

Enercon Super Seal™ Jr. Induction Sealers

This portable and compact machine offers packagers premium flexibility through its sealing capability and user friendly display. The Enercon Super Seal™ Jr. is equipped to seal a wide range of closures, up to 120 mm, and can be integrated with Enercon's high performance sealing heads for automated production lines. This system is ideal for laboratory applications, manual production, off-line testing, and start up operations.

Product of the Month

White Polypropylene Smooth Pumps

These smooth white polypropylene plastic pumps could be used for dispensing products such as honey, gels, lotion, or soaps. The locking feature on the neck prevents unwanted discharge during shipment and storing. When ready to use, simply turn the neck to unlock. These pumps dispense 4 ml of product per pump and offer dip tube sizes ranging from 4" to 5 3/4". All pumps have a 58/400 neck finish.

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