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December 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging carries an extensive line of packaging for sauces, dressings, and various condiments. Whether you are in the market for glass or plastic sauce bottles, many unique styles and functional cap options are available.

12 oz Clear Plastic Sauce Bottles

SKS stocks various sauce and dressing bottles manufactured from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a preferred packaging material for many reasons. PET offers effective barriers to gas and moisture, and has good heat resistance, an important factor in food packaging. Additionally, PET is very durable, which helps in preventing breakage during shipment, and offers excellent clarity, which is a great way to highlight the natural colors of your product. PET is a lightweight, easily recyclable, and a cost effective packaging option for food products. When packaging barbecue sauces or dressings, the classic 12 oz clear PET barbecue sauce bottles could be an ideal option. These sauce bottles feature straight sides and a large panel for labeling and decoration. These plastic bottles are offered with black and white ribbed PE and induction lined caps, as well as lined aluminum and black snap top induction lined caps. 12 oz PET inverted oval sauce bottles are an additional option for a unique look that is sure to make your product stand out on store shelves. These flexible plastic sauce bottles can be easily squeezed to dispense product through the compatible snap top caps, available in black, white, yellow, and red.

16 oz Clear PET Oblong Sauce Bottles

The 16 oz PET oblong sauce bottles could be an effective option for packaging nearly any condiments or dressings, as their flexibility allows for easy dispensing. PET oblong sauce bottles can be paired with several caps including white and black ribbed PE lined caps, white, black and red PS22 lined snap top caps, and black induction lined snap top caps. Order samples of these plastic sauce bottles to create a custom label and test your product to ensure compatibility.

5 & 10 oz Clear PET Sauce Bottles

SKS offers 5 and 10 oz clear PET sauce bottles with long necks, a versatile packaging selection that could be used for products such as hot sauce or vinegar. These plastic bottles come paired with orifice reducers that snap into place over the openings to provide a precise, controlled pour. Choose from red, white, black, or gold caps to complete the look.

Clear Glass Woozy Style Sauce Bottles

Glass is another exceptional packaging material for dressings, condiments, and sauces. Glass containers offer high end appeal, and clearly display vibrantly colored sauces and dressings. Glass is nonporous and impermeable, which means glass effectively prevents chemical interactions between your products and the bottle, this is essential in preserving the taste and properties of food products. Glass is an environmentally friendly option that can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality.Clear glass woozy style sauce bottles in 1.7, 5, 8, or 12 oz sizes are a classic option for products such as hot sauces or oils. These glass sauce bottles can be paired with LDPE orifice reducers to create a controlled pour. The orifice reducers are inserted into the neck of the bottles to dispense sauces in smaller volumes. The glass woozy bottles are also compatible with corks, black, red, white, and gold ribbed caps, as well as silver, white, and black metal caps, offering a great deal of versatility for your line of sauces. Glass woozy bottles feature large labeling areas and straight sides, ideal space for branding your product.

Clear Glass Barbecue Sauce Bottles

The 12 oz glass barbecue sauce bottles are available with either continuous thread or lug finishes, allowing them to be paired with a variety of plastic and metal caps. Although these bottles are a traditional choice for barbecue sauces, they could also be used to package dressings and various other condiments.

Clear Glass Decanter Style Sauce Bottles

SKS offers 16 oz glass decanter bottles with both continuous thread and lug finishes, providing compatibility with many caps. Try pairing them with plastisol lined metal lug caps to provide tamper evidence as well as keep sauces fresh longer. These glass sauce bottles feature large labeling areas for branding, as well as a long neck to make for easy and smooth dispensing. The clear glass stout bottles are another option available in a both 16 oz and 12 oz sizes. These glass bottles can be paired with many caps, and feature large, smooth sides that can accommodate custom labels of various sizes and shapes.

Clear Glass Salad Dressing Bottles

The 8 oz clear glass salad dressing bottles are compatible with black and white ribbed lined caps, as well as black induction lined snap top caps. These traditionally shaped salad dressing bottles could be used to package a variety sauces or condiments as well. They feature ribbed sides which offer a more steady grip when shaking or dispensing product, as well as a flat front and back panel area for deco work. Pair these glass sauce bottles with custom oval labels to brand your product, and consider adding a shrink band to provide further protection and tamper evidence.

With so many choices available, SKS is sure to have containers that are just right for your sauces, dressings, or condiments. Whether in the market for plastic or glass sauce bottles, the options are endless! Browse a wide range of packaging for sauces, condiments, and a variety of other food products below.

Packaging Tip

Clear Packaging Benefits

In both plastic and glass, clear packaging offers several benefits for customers. Transparency aids in product identification, and allows consumers to see the natural appearance of the product they are buying, when it comes to packaging food this increases the likelihood of purchase.

Product of the Month

Clear Glass Flask Bottles

SKS offers clear glass flask bottles in 100 ml, 200 ml, and 375 ml sizes. These glass bottles could be a classic choice for packaging spirits or beverages. They are compatible with black ribbed tamper evident caps, which allows customers to see if the product has been opened prior to purchase. A large flat panel provides adequate space for pairing with custom labels in a wide range of sizes.

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