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Glass and Plastic Candy Containers

January 2018

SKS offers a versatile inventory of glass and plastic, bottles and jars, to aid in the candy making process, and to package candy and other sweet treats.

Candy Making Containers

SKS has cylinder shaped LDPE candy making bottles with yorker tip caps that could be used in bakeries and chocolate shops for frosting applications, cake decoration, or filling chocolate molds. The yorker tip caps have .030" orifice holes which allow for precise dispensing and detailed decoration. Included red caps cover the openings when not in use to keep your work station clean. LDPE plastic is very flexible, which allows for easy and gradual frosting application with a gentle and controllable squeeze. An assortment of decorative toppings are used in bakeries and candy shops, including sprinkles, candy crystals and chocolate shavings. To sell or store these sweet treats, SKS has multiple containers with sifter or shaker tops available. For smaller toppings, 4 oz clear PET bottles with sifter caps could be an effective choice. For larger toppings, opt for the16 oz clear PET bottles with spice caps. These large candy making bottles have grips molded into the sides for easy handling and a controlled pour. The red pressure sensitive lined caps have many useful features. The pressure sensitive (PS113) liners are printed with the phrase "Sealed for Freshness", and will adhere to the opening of the container when the cap is first firmly applied. The caps have two dispensing options; one side has three holes which are 0.3" in diameter for sifting toppings. The second side has a spoon sized opening for a measured pour.

Plastic Candy Jars

SKS has a variety of functional and attractive plastic candy jars that can be used to showcase sweets. Clear polypro tubs are available with tamper evident lids, providing an added measure of security. These polypropylene tubs are conveniently both microwave and dishwasher safe. Square PET wire bale style candy jars have molded hinged lids that include rubber rings for a tight seal when closed. With their unique square shapes and convenient hinged lids, the clear square PET wire bale jars provide a clear view of vibrantly colored candies from multiple angles. SKS also offers clear PET square candy jars with threaded caps. These candy jars include white smooth dome caps with F217 liners, providing effective taste and odor resistance. Packaging candies in plastic jars with a punch of color could also be an excellent choice to help your product stand out on store shelves. SKS offers plastic candy jars in an array of colors including purple, green, blue, amber, black and frosted plastic. Do you produce a line of hard candies? Consider the purple PET straight sided jars with aluminum caps or blue PET candy jars to match the flavor of your candy. The wide variety of PET candy jar colors available could also work well for themed parties, weddings, and other events. PET is a versatile type of plastic, so once the candy is gone, the jars can be reused in many different ways or recycled with ease. Choose these versatile plastic jars for candies including blueberry taffy, chocolate drops, grape rock candy and more!

Glass Candy Jars

Glass jars bring elegance, and a high end look to candy packaging. Clear straight sided glass candy jars could be used to store candies of a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from 1 oz to 32 oz in size and pair with a range of plastic and metal caps to complement your candies and labels. Glass mason jars with silver caps have wide openings for easy access and dispensing, and may be perfect for packaging chocolate spreads, candied fruits or toppings. The silver metal caps feature plastisol liners, which create a hermetic seal with the glass mason jars when activated by conventional canning processes. Even if the liners are not activated, these silver metal caps still provide a good seal and an attractive look for your products. For a glass option that is sure to stand out on candy store shelves, choose the clear glass square jars. Available in 3.75 oz, 6 oz, 9.8 oz, and 12 oz sizes, these unique glass jars have distinct looks ideal for showcasing gourmet candies.

Metal Candy Tins

As another unique candy packaging option, SKS offers a large assortment of metal candy tins. Round metal cans are a creative way to package candy. Purchase matching lid clips for candy that needs to be shipped or stored for future use. SKS also has square and round clear top metal tins. These metal candy tins are a visually appealing choice that gives the customer a peek at the tasty treats inside. The candy tins have slip cover lids with clear plastic windows and elegant rolled edges. In a gold metal option, the tin-plated steel gold deep metal tins could be an elegant candy packaging choice. These gold metal tins are available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz sizes with with matching gold slip cover lids.

Disposable Candy Making Gloves

During the candy making process or when serving customers in a candy shop, it is often necessary to wear disposable gloves. Sugar products can absorb oils from the skin, causing them to melt faster and reducing the quality of your product. SKS has a variety of disposable candy making gloves including white nitrile powder free gloves, available in fives sizes. The white nitrile gloves are powder free, preventing contamination from glove materials, and latex free. Browse our full selection of disposable gloves to find the right material and fit for your candy shop.

Packaging Tip

Phenolic Caps

SKS has phenolic caps with various liners and dispensing attachments to fit your needs. Phenolic is a very strong and durable thermoset plastic with properties that allow for use in numerous industries. Phenolic properties include:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to many chemicals
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistance to heat and wear

Ready to choose phenolic caps? Here are the liner types currently available:

  • Cone Lined:Includes an LDPE cone that creates a seal within the neck of the bottles.

  • F217 liners:Versatile liner paired with durable caps for a variety of applications.

  • Brush or PE Ball Rod attachments:
    For a more precise application of products such as solvents, paints or adhesives.

  • PV liners: Provides an added level of resistances to mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, aqueous products and chemicals.

When choosing a new type of plastic caps or restyling an existing line, SKS recommends testing to ensure compatibility.

Product of the Month

Clear Glass Wire Bale Jars

Clear glass wire bale jars provide a classic style for packaging an array of products such as fruit preserves and spreads. These clear glass jars have stainless steel wire hinges and red rubber seals to create a tight seal that helps to maintain freshness and reduce oxygenation. Consider these glass wire bale jars for delicious candies, sweet spreads and more!

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