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November 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging carries a variety of roll on bottles in both plastic and glass for products that require a more gradual application. Choose from the array of colors, sizes, finishes and caps offered to create your products custom look!

Glass Roll on Bottles

Choose one of the various glass roll on bottles SKS offers that could be used to package products like essential oils and lip care products. Glass is a high end packaging material that stands out on the shelf with strong appeal to customers. SKS carries a line of 0.35 oz glass roll ons that are available in clear, blue frosted, green frosted, clear frosted, purple and bronze. These bottles are compatible with white, black, silver and gold polypropylene caps, as well as brushed aluminum caps. They can be purchased as a complete set with caps, plastic housings, and PE roll on balls, or bought in bulk quantities to mix and match colors for custom combinations.10 ml clear glass roll on bottles could be a great option for a lip gloss container. These bottles are compatible with shiny and matte silver caps, in addition to black and white caps. Choose the 1 oz clear roll on bottles if looking for a larger option. These bottles are compatible with white and black polypropylene caps. Both the 10 ml and the 1 oz roll on bottles can be purchased in complete sets with caps, plastic housings and stainless steel balls, or separately in larger quantities. These sleek roll on bottles are high end packaging options that will set your product apart from competitors.

Plastic Roll on Bottles

SKS offers a variety of plastic roll on bottles that could be used for packaging and applying products like lip gloss or perfumes. Plastic is a lightweight, cost effective and durable option that is still an attractive choice. Durability is desirable for the prevention of breakage when packaging products that will be carried in purses, makeup bags or luggage. Clear PET roll on bottles showcase your product and are compatible with either white or black polypropylene caps. The 10.6 ml clear PET roll on bottles come with polypropylene housings and stainless steel roll on balls, while the 13 ml bottles come with polypropylene housings and PE balls. 5 ml styrene acrylonitrile resin (SAN) roll on bottles are another clear option that could remarkably display your products. SAN is comparable to styrene plastic, which is a hard and lightweight alternative to glass. Buy these roll on bottles with plastic housings and stainless steel roll on balls, and choose from white, black, shiny silver or matte silver polypropylene closures for a complete packaging option. White polypropylene plastic roll on bottles are offered with dome or flat caps, and roll on balls that fit directly into the container openings, eliminating the need for plastic housings. The compatible caps are made of matching white polypropylene. These white roll on bottles contain 1/4 oz of product.

SKS is your destination for roll on bottles, whether you are looking for lip gloss containers or essential oil bottles. After selecting the perfect roll on container for your needs, be sure to pair with a custom label to further brand your product!

Packaging Tip

Digital Scales for Packaging

SKS offers a range of digital weighing and counting scales that could be useful for packaging your product. Pocket scales are convenient, portable options that still provide great accuracy and quality. These small Ohaus scales feature sliding pans that serve as protective shields when not in use.

The handheld portable balance scales by Ohaus are also compact options that excel in quality and accuracy. These scales are small enough to be transported in a briefcase or backpack and are available in 60 g, 120 g, and 320 g capacities.

The Trooper compact counting scales by Ohaus come in a range of capacities. These versatile scales have many applications to allow for in-process parts counting, packaging, inventory control and check weighing. These scales feature large LCD backlit triple window displays with text prompts. These reliable scales are ideal for counting and weighing when packaging your products. The Ranger compact bench scales are another weighing option that feature stainless steel weighing pans, simple menu operation and easy-to-read backlit LCD displays. These scales are available in 6 lb, 30 lb and 60 lb capacities.

Product of the Month

Black Tamper Evident and Child Resistant Dropper Caps

Black ribbed tamper evident and child resistant dropper tip caps can be used to package products not intended for use by children. These caps feature tamper evident rings attached to the bottoms of the cap skirts. These rings tear away from the caps and remain on the lips when the caps are unscrewed. Once the rings are detached, they cannot be reattached, allowing customers to identify if a container has been opened prior to purchase. These caps are compatible with 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml and 30 ml LDPE dropper bottles. These bottles could be used to package products such as eye drops or food coloring.

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