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Pet Care Containers

July 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging has a wide variety of packaging options to house many pet care products. Whether looking for bottles, jars, or tins, there is sure to be an option for packaging grooming supplies, treats, foods, or health products.

Pet Food Containers

For packaging pet food in a small container, opt for clear PET square bottles in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, or 16 oz sizes. These bottles are available with various cap options. Choose compatible plastic caps in white, black, or silver, or opt for metal with a stand out silver aluminum cap. The 4 oz square bottles can also be paired with red or black spice style caps which could be a good option for dispensing products like fish food.SKS offers clear PET square gripped jars that could be a good packaging option for pet foods like bird feed or hamster food. These jars feature wide mouths making for easy dispensing of food products, whether that be with a scoop or by pour. These jars also feature large labeling areas and white ribbed caps with PE F217 liners. Click here to purchase these jars in either ½ gallon or 1 gallon size to suit your specific needs.If looking for a pet food packaging solution, try SKS' line of polypropylene tubs. These round tubs could be used to package cat or dog food and come in both white and clear. Both colors are available in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz sizes. Opt for traditional matching caps, or matching tamper evident caps allowing customers to easily detect if the product has been tampered with. For a similar, but square option, try the clear PCR deli style tubs in 8 oz or 16 oz with matching tamper evident caps. Not only are the caps tamper evident, but they also provide a leak resistant seal which could make them a great option for packaging wet pet food. These eco-friendly containers are made from 100% post consumer recycled material.

Pet Treat Containers

SKS carries many containers that could be used for packaging cat or dog treats. The 58 oz clear PET round squat jars are compatible with white and black polypropylene caps. Pair these jars with a custom label to further brand your product line. For a high end packaging option, the 27 oz clear glass jars with matching glass flat pressed lids could be a great fit for storing or displaying a line of cat or dog treats. The flexible plastic fitment featured on the lids creates a tight seal to help keep treats fresh. These jars are also available in 4.5 oz and 12.25 oz sizes that could be used to package samples or smaller quantities.Tins could be another great way to package treats. The 8 oz flat metal tins are compatible with matching rolled edge covers which have large, easy to label flat surfaces. These tins are also available in many smaller sizes that could be used to package catnip or treat samples. Metal tea tins are tall cylindrical tins with matching metal caps that could also be a good packaging solution for treats. The caps feature pliable plastic rings for a snug fit and tight seal to keep products fresh. Not only do these containers feature large labeling areas, but the flat lids provide more room to brand your product. Additionally, SKS offers deep metal tins in silver and gold, as well as tins with clear view tops to display your product. Click here to view all of the tins offered at SKS.

Pet Grooming and Cleaning Supply Containers

PET boston rounds and cosmo rounds are versatile containers that could be used for a range of pet grooming and cleaning products. These bottles are offered in amber, clear, blue, black, green, white, and purple to meet the needs of nearly any brand. PET cosmo rounds and boston rounds are offered in many sizes ranging from 1 oz to 16 oz. Boston rounds are a "squat" style round bottle with a short and wide profile, while cosmo rounds have a taller and more narrow profile. Either style bottle can be paired with disc top or snap top caps in a range of colors, making them a great option for packaging an entire line of pet care products. These bottles could also be paired with white and black fine mist sprayers or trigger sprayers to package products such as odor eliminators or stain removers. To house larger quantities of grooming and cleaning products, try one of SKS' HDPE jugs. They all feature handles for easy transport and dispensing and are available in white and natural.

Health Supply Containers

For a child resistant option to package vitamins and medications for pets, opt for white HDPE pharmaceutical rounds with child resistant caps. These bottles are offered in six sizes from 75 cc to 500 cc. If looking to package supplement powders, try one of the many sizes of white polypropylene jars with matching white screw caps. These jars feature large areas ideal for any of the range of deco options offered.To package health care products that need to be applied directly to an animal, brown paperboard push up tubes may be your solution. These tubes could be used to package products like paw balm or nose moisturizer. This style of packaging allows owners to apply to the pets problem areas easily. Simply push up on the bottom disc to raise the product out of the tube and gently apply. There are five sizes from 0.3 oz to 2 oz available, making it easy to meet specific packaging needs.

To check out more of SKS’ pet care packaging products like the PET inverted ovals or LDPE squeeze bottles, click here!

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