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May 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging carries a large selection of tamper evident packaging options from shrink bands to tamper evident caps. Tamper evident packaging allows customers to determine if a container has been opened, assuring that the product they are purchasing has not been altered in any way. A safety measure that is key when packaging products such as food, beverages, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are an easy way to create tamper evidence for nearly any container. Shrink bands are composed of PVC and fit tightly around the neck of most bottles and jars. They are applied using heat from a hair dryer or a heat gun, like the EC 100K heat gun. SKS offers shrink bands that are 0.2 mm thick and feature vertical perforations. Once applied to a container, they cannot be reapplied, clearly indicating if a product has been tampered with. Shrink bands are an economical, easy-to-use option that is available in many colors and can be used with glass, plastic, and metal containers. Opt for custom shrink bands to create a unique look for your product.

Induction Liners

Induction liners are tamper evident liners comprised of a pulpboard or PE foam, foil, and a polymer coating. They are applied using an induction sealer, like the Enercon Super Seal™ Jr. The heated foil melts the wax and polymer around the container, which solidifies and creates a hermetic seal between the liner and container. In addition to tamper evidence, these liners provide leak protection and extend product shelf life. SKS offers a variety of smooth and ribbed polypropylene induction lined caps, as well as disc top and twist top induction lined caps to meet a range of needs.

Plastisol Liners

Plastisol liners could be another great tamper evident option to increase the shelf life of a product. Plastisol liners are essentially a plastic gasket on the inside of a metal cap. These liners are to be used when packaging hot-fill products. When heated to the proper temperature, the plastisol gasket softens and melts around the opening of the container, as it cools it solidifies and creates an airtight seal between the cap and the container. Some plastisol caps feature raised, tamper evident buttons that depress as the container cools and the internal pressure reduces. When the cap is removed, the pressure is neutralized, and a loud pop will indicate the seal is being broken for the first time. Plastisol lined caps are recommended only to be used with glass, as the container must be able to withstand high temperatures to work properly.

Tamper Evident Caps

Tamper evident caps are easy to apply and do not require any equipment. Tamper evident caps feature a ring attached to the bottom of the cap skirt that will tear away from the cap when secured onto a compatible bottle. The compatible bottles must have a lip on the neck to hold the ring, otherwise the cap can be removed intact. When the cap is removed from the bottle for the first time, the ring will break away from the cap and remain on the lip to indicate if a product has been opened prior to purchase. SKS has a variety of tamper evident caps available with orifice reducers, pouring inserts, and bulb droppers.

Packaging Tip

EC100K Heat Gun

A heat gun is a crucial piece of packaging equipment when using shrink bands with your product. The EC 100K heat gun has two heat settings, 500° and 1000°, as well as low and high fan speeds. This heat gun weighs only 1 lb, making it ideal for long periods of use and portability. It also features a built-in handguard, as well as a built-in stand which will allow you to set the heat gun down in an upright position. The EC 100K heat gun kit comes with an air reducer attachment, a shrink tubing attachment, and two sizes of spreader attachments all packed in a durable storage and carrying case. Choose this economical heat gun to make quick work of applying shrink bands to your product. Be sure to watch the heat gun how-to video for great tips for easy application.

Product of the Month

Two Piece Canning Lids

SKS now offers two piece metal canning lids! The threaded band is compatible with 70 mm glass jars, and the plastisol lined lid creates a hermetic seal with the jar when properly heated and cooled. When heated to recommended temperatures, the plastisol on the inside of these caps will melt around the opening of the container, and solidify as it cools to create an airtight seal. These canning lids come in silver and gold. These canning bands and lids can be purchased separately, or in cases including both. Use these canning lids with one of the many compatible glass jars offered by SKS. For additional information visit our Tamper Evident Help/Info page!

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