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October 2017

While many consumers choose to plan out a meal preparation schedule in order to lose weight or get healthier, there are many other benefits. Planning ahead allows for a streamlined grocery list, reduction of food waste, convenience and a lower overall cost. SKS has a wide selection of glass and plastic containers to help you get started.

Plastic Food Storage Tubs for Meal Prep

Purchasing dry ingredients in bulk is an economical step towards meal preparation. SKS has clear PET square and round jars in larger sizes to assist in the storage and organization of these ingredients. These containers are also useful for the sale of granola, trail mix, and oats in bulk quantities.

SKS has clear polypropylene plastic tubs in 3 sizes that can be easily used for storing meals. Choose sets with standard snap on lids or tamper evident snap on lids for added security. These plastic tubs are microwaveable and dishwasher safe (top shelf). Since polypropylene plastic has a high melting point and a degree of durability, reusing these tubs could save money and reduce waste.

Glass Mason Jar Meals

Glass containers can also provide great meal preparation options. Glass mason jar meals are a trend that is healthy, convenient and cost effective. Own a restaurant or cafe? Introducing a mason jar meal on your menu could be a great way for customers to take your great tasting food on-the-go.

Glass Mason Jar Salad RecipeFrom Bottom to Top...1. Place your favorite salad dressing on the bottom layer. This will prevent the liquid from affecting the other ingredients and keep them fresh for longer.2. Next, layer hard vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers, cooked beets, or fennel.3. Add a layer of beans, grains, or pasta.4. The next two layers can include proteins and soft fruits and vegetables. Opt for diced or crumbled cheeses or proteins such as tuna fish, diced (cooked) chicken, hard-boiled eggs, or cubed tofu. For soft fruits and vegetables, consider adding avocados, tomatoes, diced strawberries, or dried apricots.5. The final layers include any nuts, seeds, and salad greens. Tear or chop the salad greens into bite-size pieces, and pack them tightly close to the top. Placing your greens on the top layer will help prevent them from wilting.Once all of the layers have been added, screw the metal cap tightly into place on the glass mason jar and store. When ready, just shake the jar to toss the ingredients together and enjoy!

Nutritional Supplement Containers

Fitness powders, supplements, and drinks are expanding industries, and SKS has a wide selection of supplement bottles and jars that can assist in packaging for optimal branding.

Protein powder is very popular among health conscious consumers and gym-goers, and it can be sold in a variety of plastic bottles and jars. For larger quantities, SKS has natural HDPE wide mouth bottles that are available in 48 oz or 1 gallon sizes. Add an LDPE scoop for easy dispensing with these jars when making shakes and smoothies. For smaller quantities, SKS has plastic jars in various sizes from 1/2 oz to 32 oz. Choose a blue PET heavy wall jar for a blueberry infused powder or a purple PET jars jar for grape flavored products.

Pill form and liquid supplements are common methods for achieving a proper daily intake of nutrients and vitamins. SKS offers a variety of bottles, vials, and jars for housing these everyday products.

Check out our Nutritional Supplement Containers index for more supplement packaging ideas! For more information on nutritional supplement packaging, the FDA is also a great source for data.

Glass and Plastic Energy Drink Bottles

Natural energy drinks are increasing in popularity and can be made from a variety of healthy and delicious ingredients. Coffee, tea or fruit-based energy drinks, for example, are a daily go-to beverage for many consumers.

SKS carries many different glass energy drink bottles that could be ideal for packaging energy drinks and smoothies. Choose french square glass energy drink bottles in clear glass for a sleek look with 4 flat panels for labeling. Our 16 oz tall glass dairy bottles have an classic shape that offers great shelf appeal, while the tamper evident caps provide an added measure of security, ideal when packaging products such as smoothies. For a smaller amount per serving, try our 10 oz clear glass energy drink bottles. Their tall, rounded necks are compatible with shrink bands to provide tamper evidence. Choose the black matte or shiny shrink bands to make a bold statement.

SKS also offers a variety of clear PET plastic energy drink bottles that could be great options for packaging products like smoothies, energy drinks, or water additives. In a 16 oz size, tall square PET beverage bottles and wider square beverage bottles are offered. Water additives can add flavor, nutrients, and energy-boosting ingredients to plain water. These additives are typically dispensed in a drop or controlled pouring method. The clear PET sauce bottles are sold in 5 or 10 oz sizes and can be used with orifice reducers for controlled dispensing. For even smaller quantities, try the line of LDPE dropper bottles with controlled dropper tip caps.

Do you offer a variety of beverage flavors in your product line? Purchase beverage bottles for the entire line and pair them with different colored caps for flavor identification. SKS offers 6 colored polypropylene tamper evident caps, each available in a 38 mm size to pair with PET beverage bottles.

Packaging Tip

Clear Food Containers

In clear containers, you will find our largest selection of shapes, sizes and materials. Be sure to contact customer service with any questions you may have while browsing our extensive inventory. Choosing clear bottles and jars for foods, drinks and supplements comes with many advantages:

  • A clear view allows your customers to assess the appearance and freshness of products on store shelves.

  • Customers can easily tell when to restock before they run out.

  • Clear containers highlight the natural color and texture of your products for a dynamic appearance when paired with custom labels.

  • Choose from our largest variety of shapes and sizes in clear glass or plastic containers.

Product of the Month

Clear Glass Wire Bale Jars

Clear glass wire bale jars are available in three sizes and are named for their glass lids that are molded with wire housings. The glass lids include rubber seals, which compress when the wire handles are in their fully closed positions. Glass wire bale jars could make an attractive packaging choice for many products including preserves, granola, nuts or candies.

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