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Cold Brew

June 2017

Whether you are looking to produce batches of cold brew for a jumpstart at home or deciding to add this delicious drink to your product line, SKS has you covered!

Cold Brew Containers

Coffee drinkers make up around 70% of the population and have been consuming these aromatic, tasty beans for over thousands of years. Cold brewing coffee has been a system of brewing since the 1600’s but has gained some recent popularity. Cold brewed coffee releases less acidic oils during brewing. Lower acidic levels provide cold brewed coffee drinks as an alternative for customers looking for easier to drink coffee options. Cold brewed coffee is made in any size batch, with any coffee grounds you choose. Flavored coffee beans, or adding flavors after the cold brew process, can add variety to the line of cold brews you sell. Cold Brew RecipeIngredients - coffee grounds very coarse and water (can be filtered or tap). The type of coffee grounds depends on the taste of coffee you would like.Ratio - a good basic ratio is 1 parts coffee to 4 parts water.Combine the coffee and water in a container for 12-24 hours. Once completed strain all the coffee grounds from the water. Some straining techniques include a coffee filter in a metal mesh sieve, cheesecloth, or french press. For small batches, plastic jars like 58 oz clear round squat, or 1/2 or 1 gallon square gripped wide mouth jar can be useful. These jars will have a larger opening to allow the pouring of coffee grounds and water without hassle. PET has good barriers against acid, oil, oxygen, and moisture. The cold brew during the process will be able to retain its flavor and not be affected by the jars. Glass options include the clear glass mayo/economy jars, and the straight sided glass jars . Glass is an excellent choice for beverage or food storage because it is nonporous and impermeable. This means that there will be no chemical interaction between the cold brew and the jars. For large batches, SKS has HDPE plastic pails in different sizes to allow for multiple gallons of brewing at a time.Transferring the finished product into the glass or plastic bottles you have chosen can be tricky. SKS has funnels , beakers , and a filling machine to make this processes accurate and clean. Amber glass bottles and jugs can be a practical and stylish way to package your new batch of cold brew coffee. SKS has 7 different sizes in the amber glass boston rounds, and 2 sizes of amber glass jugs. You have the option to add a shrink band to any size of these amber glass bottles. The addition of a shrink band can provide an outer layer of tamper evidence on the shelf. Purchase with a cone lined cap included, or in bulk for many cap options. Clear glass options include 12 or 16 oz stout style bottles with a black ribbed cap, or 10 oz beverage style bottle. For more of a unique style choose from a mason jar or square glass bottle. If you would like your cold brew coffee in plastic bottles instead that's not a problem, SKS has many options to choose. SKS has 2 square PET plastic bottle options. The first option is a square beverage style bottle with tamper evident cap options. The second options is a taller with a wider neck square plastic bottle. Round beverage bottles have sizes and styles to accommodate many label sizes and styles.

Coffee Infused Products

Coffee grounds and coffee scents can be infused into candles, lotions, hand sanitizers, body scrubs, and face cleansers. Medical publications in recent years have begun testing coffee’s effect on the body and mind without actually drinking it. Preliminary results have found that the brain is slightly stimulated, which can bring on the feeling of alertness, feeling more awake, and in some cases feelings of calmness and having less stress.SKS also have a large variety of plastic bottles and jars sure to fit your style and packaging needs. Try our foamer bottles in amber to accent a coffee inspired hand sanitizer. The amber foamer PET bottle is available in 250 ml and paired with a black foamer pump. Bath salts and body scrubs are great ways to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and repair skin. Adding coffee to the ingredients adds a layer of antioxidants and a shot of caffeine straight to the pores. Caffeine has great effects on the skin, it can sooth inflammation, help with dark circles, and all around texture. SKS has bath salt and body scrub containers available in plastic, glass, metal in many different options. If you are looking to create a full body care line with coffee inspired products be sure to check the Bath & Body Care Containers for ideas!

Storing Coffee Beans

Purchasing coffee beans and grinding when needed to create cold brew coffee or coffee infused products is a good way to keep the coffee fresh until production. Coffee beans have a recommended storage of opaque containers in a cool, dry place. SKS has the metal paint style cans in various sizes. These metal paint style cans have a plug top. The plug is pressed into the ring and the two surfaces (the outside and inside edge) come into contact with the ring. Creating multiple sealing surfaces on the plug/ring combination. HDPE plastic pails and jugs are white opaque options for coffee beans. The HDPE plastic pails include vapor lock lids. These lids will secure into place and create a tight seal with the pail. In various sizes, it is easy to store larger bulk amounts of a regular coffee bean and use smaller sizes for specialty or flavored beans.

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