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Deodorant Containers

April 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging carries a growing line of plastic deodorant containers. There are a variety of colors and styles available for packaging deodorant, lotion bars, or solid perfumes.

Oval Deodorant Tubes

SKS offers several oval polypropylene deodorant containers in white, black, silver, or natural. Although they have the same shape and dimensions, the white, black, and silver oval tubes hold 2.65 oz, while the natural oval tubes hold 2.12 oz. There are matching dome caps for each color offered, as well as a white flat cap. Both caps are compatible with all of these oval deodorant containers. Purchasing tubes and caps separately in bulk quantities allows for mixing and matching of colors. Pair the white tube with the natural dome cap, or black tube with the white flat cap for variation. All four tubes feature a turning wheel mechanism which gradually pushes the product upwards.If looking for a smaller option to package products like sunscreens, lip balms, or insect repellents, opt for the 0.35 oz polypropylene tubes, offered in white and natural. To dispense more product when needed, simply turn the ribbed turning wheel at the base of these deodorant containers. These tubes stand at 2.4” tall and come with matching white and natural polypropylene caps. The size of these small deodorant tubes makes them a great travel option.

Round Deodorant Tubes

Round deodorant tubes could be another great option for packaging products like deodorant, solid perfumes, or sunscreens. SKS offers 2.5 oz white round deodorant tubes with matching ribbed screw caps. These tubes are made of polystyrene, and the compatible caps are made of polypropylene. The bases each tube are natural plastic and molded with text reading "Push Up." Pushing up on the bases will dispense product as needed.Another round deodorant tube option is the 75 gram polystyrene tubes. Polystyrene is a great packaging material as it is both hard and lightweight. These white deodorant containers are paired with white screw caps and clear disc inserts. The disc inserts round the product at the opening, keep it in place, and add protection. These round deodorant tubes should be filled from the bottom. Simply remove the bases from the containers, turn upside down and fill them up to, but not above, the plunger (internal mechanism with three oblong holes that moves product upward). Once filled, replace the bases on the bottoms of the tubes and wait for the product to solidify. Once the product has fully hardened, remove the cap and the clear disc insert, then twist the base of the container counterclockwise to push product upward.

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Packaging Tip

Pressure Sensitive Liners

Pressure sensitive liners will adhere to a container with the pressure used to secure the cap. Once the liner is removed from the container, it cannot be reapplied. There are a few things to keep in mind when applying pressure sensitive liners. First, it is important to select the correct cap size for your container, using the wrong size cap could interfere with the liner application. Secondly, be sure the opening of the container is clean. Any product on the rim of the container can prevent the pressure sensitive liner from adhering, wiping off the surface of the rim is key to proper application. Lastly, when applying screw the cap with the PS22 liner tightly onto the container and allow at least 24 hours for the liners to adhere. Be sure to test your product with pressure sensitive liners to ensure proper compatibility.

Product of the Month

Glass Vials w/ Sprayers

Try SKS' selection of clear glass vials with black sprayers. These items could be used to package products that should be applied by misting, like breath fresheners or body sprays. These vials are available in 3 ml, 5 ml, and 10 ml sizes and paired with smooth black fine mist sprayers. To prevent unwanted discharge of product, each sprayer comes with a clear styrene overcap.

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