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May 2016

SKS Bottle & Packaging stocks a variety of juice bottles in many sizes, styles and materials. Whether in the market for plastic or glass packaging, tamper evident or lug caps, SKS surely has an option to suit your needs!

Square PET Juice Bottles

Make your juice bottle stand out on the shelves with these square PET beverage containers! These bottles come in 8, 12, and 16 oz, a great option if looking to package a product line with multiple sizes. There are two 16 oz square PET beverage bottles, one with a smooth body, and one with a label panel. They could be a good option for packaging beverages like fresh juice, tea, lemonade, or milk. If filling with hot product, keep in mind that the maximum fill temperature of PET containers is 160° F. These square bottles can only be paired with 38 mm tamper evident caps, which SKS offers in white, green, red, yellow, and orange. Tamper evident closures ensure the container has not been opened, and the product has not been tampered with, a huge selling point in the eyes of the end user. Take advantage of the best pricing of these plastic juice bottles, by ordering in bulk quantities, or opt for the convenience of ordering by the kit.

Round PET Beverage Bottles

Round PET beverage bottles could be a good packaging option for fresh juices, teas, or sports drinks. PET is a durable material that offers good resistance to acids, oils, and alcohols. Be sure not to exceed 160° F if filling with hot product. SKS stocks round PET beverage bottles in 10 and 16 oz sizes. Both sizes can only be paired with a 38 mm tamper evident cap, which comes in white, green, red, yellow, and orange. These bottles are available as a kit, which includes either white or red tamper evident caps, or in bulk quantity for a larger discount. The slight indentation along the body the 16 oz bottle makes for large and noticeable label area. The smooth body of the 10 oz bottle provides plenty of room for labeling. Pair these beverage containers with a custom label to further brand your product.

Glass Juice Bottles

Glass is a great packaging material, it offers an elegant look with a big shelf impact! There are many sizes and styles of glass juice bottles available at SKS. The 10 oz beverage bottle offers a classic look, which makes it a versatile packaging option. The clear glass stout bottle is another versatile option that comes in 12 or 16 oz sizes. Not only could this bottle be used to package juices and other beverages, it also makes for a good option when packaging sauces, dressings, and much more. This glass juice bottle has a 38/405 neck finish, making it compatible with a variety of caps. Pair it with metal plastisol lined caps to provide tamper evidence (when applied properly), white ribbed caps for a traditional look, or snap top dispensing caps if packaging dressing, sauces, or marinades. For a bottle that can hold a bit more product, the clear glass sauce/beverage bottles comes in 16 and 24 oz sizes, and may be a great fit for housing juices, iced coffee, or even cooking oils. Purchase this glass beverage bottle in bulk to get the best pricing.

Browse the website to learn more about the many styles, materials, and sizes of juice bottles offered!

Packaging Tip

Omnispense Filling Machine

The Omnispense Filling Machine is redesigned to be extremely user friendly, making setup and operation easy. This piece of equipment can fill bottles with product ranging in viscosity from aqueous solution to medium syrups. It is both compact and lightweight, making it easy to incorporate into nearly any workspace. This machine is only 15 pounds, 6 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and stands at 10 inches tall. The Omnispense comes with a footswitch to increase efficiency and has capabilities to store up to ten setups to fill a variety of containers sizes at different speeds. To change products, simply change tubes, and update the fill setup if necessary. Order the Omnispense Filling Machine, and say goodbye to the days of filling by hand!

Product of the Month

Glass Jugs

Large glass jugs are often referred to as "growlers." SKS offers 32 oz, 64 oz, and 1 gallon amber glass growlers, in addition to 64 oz and 1 gallon clear glass growlers. These large glass bottles are not just used to hold homebrew and craft beer, package large quantities of cider, syrup, wine, or cooking oil. Each of these jugs feature a 38/400 neck finish. This common size makes finding a compatible closure easy! Opt for the white metal cap, black phenolic cone lined cap, or black ribbed lined cap, to pair with an amber or clear glass growler.

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