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New Products from 2015

January 2016

In 2015 SKS brought in over 200 new items to the ever-expanding online catalog! Visit our new products page to browse all the new products added through out the year. Let us take a look at some of the new products SKS has to offer.

White Polypro Double Wall Straight Base Jar

In 2015 SKS added a 1/2 oz white double wall jar to its expanding inventory. This polypro jar is made up of two pieces, an inner shell and an outer shell. The inner shell is made of polypropylene, while the outer shell is made of polystyrene. This feature further protects the contents from the elements, as well as possible damage made to the packaging during the shipping process. It also accelerates the filling process, as these jars require less cooling time. A good option for a variety of high end cosmetic packaging, browse the kits offered by clicking the button below to find the best option for your product.

Clear Glass Woozy Bottles

Every year the SKS glass bottles index continues to expand, and this year was no different. A go-to for packaging BBQ sauce, oils, syrup and a variety of other toppings are these clear glass woozy bottles. Now offered in a 1.7 oz size, these new small glass bottles could make for great hot sauce bottles, as well as sample size packaging for a variety of foods. The largest size now offered, 12 oz, was also added this year. This tall glass bottle could be used to package salad dressings, sauces, beverages, and a range of other products. To browse the kits offered with these clear glass woozy bottles click the button below.

Natural Deodorant Tubes

New to the SKS website are natural 2.03 oz deodorant tubes. These plastic tubes come with matching natural dome caps, and feature a turning wheel at the base of the tube. Rotating the wheel in one direction will push the product toward the top, rotating in the opposite direction will bring the product back down. The deodorant tubes wide opening makes for easy fill and application. In addition to the natural dome cap this deodorant container is also compatible with both black, and white plastic dome caps. To browse the deodorant tube kits offered, click the button below.

Red Metal Plastisol Lined Lug Caps

Now offered in sizes ranging from 63 mm to 82 mm, are red metal plastisol lined lug caps. These red caps should be paired with glass containers with a lug finish. When paired with glass, and heated and cooled properly, this plastisol liner will adhere to the rim of the container, providing a hermetic seal. This airtight seal will keep your products fresh, and properly preserved. These vibrant red caps are sure to stand out on the shelves, and could be a great option for pairing with product packaging for sauces, marinades, jams, preserved vegetables, and much more.

Clear PET Barbecue Sauce Bottles

These clear barbecue sauce bottles, also known as ring neck bottles, are new to SKS in PET. Now offered in plastic, these clear bottles could be a good option for safely packaging a variety of condiments and toppings. Opt for a sauce bottle in plastic to greatly reduce shipping costs, while still offering consumers the same recognizable sauce packaging they are accustomed to. Be sure to fill this packaging at ambient temperatures. To browse the selection of clear PET barbecue sauce bottles, click the button below.

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