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Lip Balm Packaging

November 2015

Look to SKS for a variety of lip balm packaging. With options ranging in size, shape, color, and material, there is sure to be an option that suits your needs.

White Lip Balm Tubes w/ Caps

For the classic lip balm tube, opt for the American made white 0.15 oz polypro tubes. These popular tubes are offered with matching white caps, or colored closures to help identify flavors, and fragrances. With features like the elevator locking mechanism, and updated thread design, filling efficiency will improve, and slippage, spinning, and cross-threading will be reduced.

Slim Line Lip Balm Tubes

SKS carries natural, white, and black slim line tubes, each with matching caps. These 0.07 oz polypro tubes are taller and narrower than the standard 0.15 oz tube. These tubes feature a turning wheel at the base, which when rotated, easily, and neatly dispenses product. Opt for these U.S. manufactured plastic lip balm tubes to package sample sizes of a variety of products.

Oval Lip Balm Tubes

For a little variation consider the 0.15 oz oval lip balm tubes, offered in natural, white, and black, and paired with matching caps. These plastic tubes offer both a polished and unique look that is sure to grab a consumer's attention. These tubes could be a good option for packaging lip care products, cosmetics, solid sunscreens, and much more.

Paperboard Lip Balm Packaging

If in the market for lip care packaging that is environmentally friendly, try the American made paperboard push up lip balm tubes. Made from 100% paperboard this packaging is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable! These tubes are lined with an oil resistant paper barrier, making them safe for packaging lip balm, salve, solid perfume, cream blush, deodorant, and much more. There is a free moving paperboard disk in the bottom, gently push this upwards to gradually dispense the product.

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