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October 2015

Good news! SKS has undergone big changes to the member's and payment area to make the ordering process easier for you! Let’s walk through some of the updates, so you understand just how everything works, and how to properly take advantage of the helpful options SKS provides.

Order History

First begin by logging in via the 'log in' option at the top of your screen. From there you have entered the member’s area. Under 'Order History' all invoices are now listed. These invoices outline all the details from previous or current orders, including tracking information. There is also the option to print or e-mail any invoice for your convenience. Use this page to browse previous orders, prices, shipping information, etc.; it's all there to make your life easier. Also within the order history section is the new option to cancel an order. As long as the order has not yet been picked, the transaction will be voided.

Re-order Products Form

Instead of searching the website to place an order for previously purchased products, use the 'Re-order Products Form'. This easy-to-use form lists products you have purchased before in order of frequency. Place an order for that item directly through this page by selecting the number of cases you want, and adding them to your cart. Take advantage of this form not only for easy and quick ordering, but also to review the past products you have purchased.

Recommended Products Page

This new page displays your ten most recent product purchases, and from that generates a list of similar products SKS offers. Scroll through the list for a quick way to browse your varying options. Whether in the market for a slight change in product packaging or just curious what options you have, this tool is a simple and efficient way to achieve both of those tasks.

Payment Options

SKS added new features to make for an easy and hassle-free payment process. Each member now has the option of saving up-to ten credit cards! Avoid re-entering credit card information for each order by securely saving it to your member's area. Customers also now have the option of paying via their PayPal account. Upon check out, select the PayPal option, you will then be directed to the PayPal website to complete the payment.As always, SKS continues to make improvements to our services in an effort to make the shopping experience simpler, easier and faster for our customers. Log into the members area here to get started!

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