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August 2015

SKS stocks a variety of glass and plastic containers to package aromatherapy products. From dropper bottles, roll ons to cosmo rounds, these bottles suit an array of essential oil packaging needs.

Euro Droppers w/ Tamper Evident Caps & Orifice Reducers

For packaging essential oils in small quantities, SKS stocks amber and blue glass euro droppers. These glass droppers are available in 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml sizes. Each dropper comes with a compatible natural LDPE orifice reducer and black or white tamper evident caps. The orifice reducers securely sit inside the opening of the bottle offering a controlled pour. While the plastic tamper evident caps ensure your product has not been opened. To browse all the glass euro droppers SKS has to offer click here.

Boston Rounds w/ Bulb Droppers

Another great packaging solution for essential oils are SKS stocked glass boston round bottles with bulb droppers. These 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz clear, amber and blue glass round bottles are offered with white or black glass bulb droppers. Bulb droppers can also control the amount of product dispensed. With the dropper inside the bottle, squeeze and release the rubber bulb to draw the desired amount of liquid into the glass pipette. Simply squeeze the bulb again to release the liquid from the dropper. The glass tubes vary in length with a capacity of 0.2 cc to 0.8 cc.

Glass Vials w/ Phenolic Caps & Orifice Reducers

Glass vials can be a great packaging option when packaging essential oils. These small vials with orifice reducers and phenolic caps can be perfect to house tiny amounts of essential oils used to infuse scents into products such as candles and soaps. The 1/3 dram, 1/2 dram, 5/8 dram and 1 dram amber vials can be easily stored in craft boxes with other candle and soap making supplies. As with the euro droppers, these orifice reducers securely sit inside the opening of the vial for a controlled pour. Be sure to browse SKS's entire selection of glass vials.

Glass Roll Ons

SKS stocks 0.35 oz glass roll on bottles in an assortment of colors. Roll on containers are available in frosted blue, frosted green, bronze, clear and frosted glass. Each roll on comes with a housing unit, polypropylene ball applicator and choice of white, black, silver or gold caps. Packaging essential oils in glass roll ons allows for holistic remedies on the go. These small portable containers can be taken anywhere and oils can be easily applied to the skin with the mess free ball applicator.

PET Cosmo Rounds

Aromatherapy remedies can also be found in hair care, lotions or massage oils. PET cosmo rounds with disc top caps are a good packaging solution for these aromatherapy products. SKS stocks 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz cosmo round bottles in clear, amber, blue, green, black, white, purple and frosted. These bottles are paired with white or black disc top caps. Disc top caps are opened and closed with light pressure to either side of the top. Then simply squeeze the bottle to dispense the product. Be sure to take a look at this helpful aromatherapy book SKS stocks.

Click here to browse all the different aromatherapy containers SKS has to offer and this helpful book.

Packaging Tip

Tamper Evident Caps

Looking to be sure your end product has not been tampered with? Then tamper evident caps are an excellent way to go. They offer the end user the comfort in knowing the product they are about to use or consume has not been touched. How does it work? There is a perforated plastic ring attached to the sides of the plastic cap, and a protruding lip on the neck of the bottle. When the cap is twisted off for the first time the ring is torn from the rest of the cap and remains below that lip on the neck of the bottle. The ring cannot be re-attached once it has been removed, so there is no hiding that this bottle has been opened. Customers gravitate toward products with tamper evident features because there is an added comfort and security with knowing your product has not been tampered with. SKS offers a variety of plastic both dispensing and non-dispensing tamper evident caps. Click here to view the tamper evident caps offered.

Product of the Month

Beverage Bottles

SKS recently added several plastic beverage bottles! Let's check out the clear PET square beverage bottles with white tamper evident caps. Offered in 8, 12 and 16 oz sizes, these bottles could work for an entire line of beverage products. Use these bottles to package juices, smoothies, water, tea, iced coffee and much more! The tamper evident caps offer your consumers the added comfort that their beverage has not been touched. These caps are stocked in white, green, red, yellow and orange, mix and match your product line or pair yellow caps with lemon flavored waters for differentiation and a pop of color! To browse the rest of the beverage bottles SKS now offers click here.

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