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Going "Green"

March 2015

Going "green" is a goal that SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc. is always striving to meet and strongly takes into account as the company continues to grow. SKS was thinking green from the beginning, choosing to send our products in unbleached brown boxes and having a green colored logo represent the company. We are constantly pushing towards ways to create a greener future from offering a range of sustainable packagingoptions for our customers to our commitment to recycling and reducing waste. SKS would like to demonstrate the steps we have taken towards reaching our goal of being a greener company and how we plan to continue this process in the future.

Mystery Bags

As part of our effort to recycle and reduce waste, SKS offers its customers a freemystery bagwith every purchase. Mystery bags are created from overruns, closeout items, and other products that are in good condition but are over stocked. When adding this item to your order we will send you a mystery bag at no extra charge. SKS started sending out mystery bags in 2003, since then we have sent out over 36,000 orders of mystery bags, keeping these perfectly good products out of landfills.

Going Paperless

Along with recycling all documents and paper, in 2012 SKS launched its own internal system, SKS Connect, for processing and managing orders, inventory, and other internal features. The implementation of this new system allowed SKS to work towards being entirely paperless. With the paperless system, we no longer include paper invoices in orders; instead invoices are emailed to our customers after an order is placed. This paperless system has allowed us to save over 200,000 sheets of paper!


SKS is dedicated to recycling and enforces recycling whenever possible. As part of our dedication, we have added recycling information, tips and guidelines to our website for our customers convenience. On our website you can find information onrecycling plastic containers, plastic recycling codes, and generalrecycling tips, to remind our customers that our products can be recycled.


As part of our commitment to being green, SKS re-uses cardboard boxes internally whenever possible. SKS has saved approximately 19,500 boxes from ending up in landfills by re-using these boxes.Additionally, SKS has began using a baler to recycle any cardboard and pallets that we are unable to reuse. This process has allowed SKS to recycle approximately 420 bails of cardboard and 430 pallets.

SKS plans to continue to find ways to make the company greener and strives to be more environmentally friendly. We believe that by implementing these plans and goals SKS is helping the community in working towards a greener future.

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