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March 2012

Choose from a wide variety of plastic bottles, glass jars and metal tins for your industrial product line! When selecting chemical and industrial containers, you'll want to consider several factors such as durability, style, continuity and functionality.

Pump Bottles

A great choice for liquid soap, our2 cc lotion pumpsfeature smooth collars and metal-free fluid pathways. This reduces chemical contamination and rusting to ensure your product's integrity. All lotion pumps come with a locking mechanism housed in each neck base, which prevents unwanted product dispensing during transport.

Adhesive Squeeze Bottles

LDPE plastic cylinders, ovals and rounds give you the flexibility to squeeze out thick, high viscosity products. Matching theseplastic bottleswith twist top or spout caps are a great packaging option for glues or sealants as they allow for precise product application.

HDPE Plastic Jugs

Jugs are a great packaging option for shipping and storing product in larger bulk quantities. SKS offers white and natural HDPEplastic jugsin several shapes and sizes. Matching your jug with either a child resistant cap or white ribbed induction cap ensures your products safety during transport and distribution. Note: induction caps must be applied with an induction cap sealing system, such as theEnercon Super Seal Jr.

Clear & Amber Glass Bottles

Our selection ofclearandamber glass bottlesand jars may be the ideal storage solution for many corrosive or hazardous chemicals.Glass jarsare available with PV lined caps, which offer excellent chemical resistance to solvents, alcohols, and oils. Our clear and amber glass bottles can be paired with black phenolic plastic caps, which help prevent product leakage by providing a superior interior seal. If you product requires precise application, try our glass bottles with brush caps, ball rod caps, or sprayers.

Metal Tins & Cans

SKS stocks a variety of metal packaging options, from rust-proofaluminum bottlesto standard paint cans. A good choice for light-sensitive products, these metal bottles andtin canscould be ideal for products such as wood stains, adhesive primers, floor polish, industrial cleaners, and more!

Disposable Gloves

You should always use caution when handling chemicals and SKS is here to help! Browse our selection ofdisposable glovesin latex, nitrile and vinyl. Visit our lab supplies site atsks-science.comfor our complete selection oflab & chemical safety supplies!

Visit our Label Tutorial page for instructions on how to create a few of the decorative labels featured in our industry indexes. Try using these useful tips when designing your own product labels!

Packaging Tip

Chemical Safety

Whenever you are working with chemicals it's always important to think about safety. To make sure you're taking necessary precautions, we have compiled a list of chemical safety tips:

  • Chemical exposure can occur through inhalation, absorption and ingestion, so make sure you are wearing appropriate protective gear including gloves, goggles, a face mask, lab coat, apron and/or full body suit. Make sure you work in a properly ventilated area and always wash your hands after handling any chemicals especially before eating.
  • Know what chemicals you are handling at all times. Read all labels and any available Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). MSDS provide you with the chemical's details including characteristics, hazards, proper storage and safety procedures in case of emergencies. Do not use any chemicals that are not clearly marked or identifiable.
  • Store chemicals safely when they are not in use and never leave chemical products unattended. This might include locking them up out of children's reach or simply putting them back in their designated areas.
  • Make sure you have a standard carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or container of baking soda (for grease-based fires) easily accessible. You'll also want to know the locations of your first aid kit, any safety showers or eyewash stations.
  • Properly dispose of any excess chemicals. If you do not know how, you can contact your local waste management authority for instructions.
  • Lastly, make sure you have a response plan in place should any chemical emergency occurs. Often the best prevention of emergencies is preparation.

Read more about chemical safety here and here.

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