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September 2011

SKS has a wide selection of tattoo and piercing bottles, jars and tins for whatever your product line demands. Whether you need to package inks, ointments, cleansing solution or more, you could find the perfect container here. Want to check out the full line of tattoo and piercing containers? Click here!

Tattoo Ink Gloves

One of the most important accessories to tattooing (or piercing!) is wearing protective gloves. We haveseveral kinds, including latex-free for those allergic.

Clear Plastic Tattoo Ink Bottles

These clear round and cylinder bottles with black twist top caps could be great for packaging all kinds and colors oftattoo inks.

Natural Plastic Tattoo Ink Bottles

Dispense your tattoo inks with ease from ourLDPE plastic squeeze bottles! Choose from a variety of closure options from yorker and spout caps to twist top and flip top caps. These natural plastic bottles are available in many styles and sizes from 1/2 oz to 32 oz.

Plastic Ointment Bottles

Get refreshed with this selection of plasticointment bottles. A range of sizes and cap options could be great for packaging different kind ofsoothing remediesfor piercing and tattoos.

Tattoo & Piercing Accessories

Need to complete your tattoo or piercing tool kit? You could findthe right accessorieshere with wash bottles and squeeze bottles that could be great for saline or cleansing soaps, or a spray bottle for tattoo design application.

Packaging Tip

Tattooing Facts

Tattooing machines haven't changed much in the last 100 years, but there are some key facts to think about before dipping into the ink:

  • Think about removal before application: many people who jump into getting inked later dislike the design over time. Think hard about what you want against the cost/ pain factor of getting it removed later.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not approve, nor regulate, the pigments and inks used for tattoos. In addition, few states regulate tattoo parlors, so visit several and get recommendations from friends before choosing where to go. It is up to you to find a safe, clean, reputable tattoo artist and parlor.
  • Ask questions about everything: from equipment to technique to inks. Know what kind of inks your tattoo artist uses to avoid allergic reactions or other adverse results. Organic inks are available in some places.

Read more about tattooing here and here.

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