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May 2009

Gardening can be a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding activity. SKS Bottle & Packaging offers a great selection of gardening ideas, supplies and accessories for indoor and outdoor gardens. We also carry a variety of containers that could be ideal for suppliers and manufacturers of plant food, fertilizer and seeds. From first-time gardeners to those with green thumbs, SKS may have just what you need for your next planting project!

Container Gardening Jars

Home gardening may be a great option for those of us who would like to save a little extra on our grocery bills while trying to provide nutritional fruits and vegetables to our families. Container gardening can be an ideal solution for those who have a limited amount of space. Small containers might be used for seed-starting or to cultivate a variety of plants such as rosemary, sage, oregano, mint and more. Larger containers could be used to grow plants such as cherry tomatoes, beets, and many other fruits and vegetables.When choosing plants for your container garden, think about what will grow well in the area in which you live and remember that different plants yield their crops at different times of the year. Some plants produce fruits and vegetables for only a few weeks, while other stretch out over an entire season. Pick plants that will provide you with a range of produce over the course of the seasons.SKS has an extensive selection of plastic, metal and glass containers ranging in size from 1/4 oz to 2 gallons that are sure to suit your container gardening needs. Click the image to the left to view some of our ideas!

Gardening Soil Pails

For any gardener, it is important to use high-quality soil and keep plants well fed. Try testing the pH of your soil prior to beginning your garden. The recommended soil pH varies by plant but most tend to prefer neutral or slightly acidic soil (pH of 6 to 7). Our SKS Science Products website offers a short video tutorial on how to naturally test the pH of a substance here. You can also make pH strips by using pieces of a white coffee filter and dousing them with the cabbage solution. Let the strips dry and then use them to test the pH of your soil.

Plant Food Bottles

Healthy plants require the right amounts of water and nutrients. Whether you are looking to package a commercial plant food line or your own homemade concoction, we have the containers you need! For solid plant foods, try our plastic bottles and jars with sifter inserts and spoon caps. These caps help the user to regulate the amount of product dispensed. For liquid nutrients, our natural plastic wash bottles, leak-proof water bottles and oval squeeze bottles could be the ideal packaging solution. The wash bottles dispense liquid through the cap when the container is squeezed making it easier to feed plants that are difficult to reach. If leakage is a concern, our HDPE water bottles feature double seal closures and no-drip openings designed to ensure safe transport and clean dispensing! The LDPE plastic squeeze bottles with dispensing closures could be perfect for concentrated liquid plant food. The dropper plugs and twist top caps allow the user to release the product one drop at a time.

Seed Containers

At the end of the growing season, it may be a good idea to collect seeds from your annual plants in order to sow them the following year. We have an array of plastic, metal and glass seed packaging containers that could be suitable for home storage or commercial retail. Our plastic and glass bottles, jars and vials are available with a variety of closure options designed to keep the contents fresh and prevent spillage. You can also try using our metal bottles and tins as a unique seed storage option. These containers have snug fitting lids that may help prevent germination by protecting seeds from light and moisture.

Gardening Accessories

We also supply several accessories and tools that may help complete your gardening needs. Choose from our selection of bottles, jars, pails, drums and tins that could be used for holding citronella candles, insect repellent, rain water, food scraps and more!

Compost Pails

Composting is a great way to add nutrients to your gardening soil and it's easy to start with simple kitchen scraps! Our white HDPE tubs and pails range in size from 4 oz to 2 gallons and could make ideal counter top compost crocks. The vapor lock lids help keep odors inside until you're ready to empty the scraps into your composting system. Our HDPE F-style jugs could be ideal for holding compost starter products to accelerate your composting materials. Each 4 oz or 8 oz jug includes an F217-lined cap to help prevent leakage and a convenient handle that makes dispensing a breeze!

Pest Control Containers

Often, it seems to be a struggle to fend off unwanted garden insects and pests. Fortunately, we have the pest control containers you need to be comfortable and enjoy the outdoors! Our glass jars and metal tins could be perfect for homemade or commercial citronella candles. These containers are available with several lid choices that could help to keep the candles clean and dry when not in use. We also sell plastic bottles with trigger sprayer caps that could be ideal for your line of pest control products or for homemade remedies. The trigger sprayer caps have easy -to-grip handles and allow the user to dispense liquid product in a fine mist. The bottles are offered in 8 oz, 22 oz and 32 oz sizes making them ideal for a variety of gardening products such as personal bug repellent, insecticide, plant disease control solutions and more!

Food Containers

Homegrown items from your garden are not only an ideal way to add fresh ingredients to your daily meals; they can make great gifts too! Whether you are looking to package products for your gourmet food business or for your secret recipe, we are sure to have the bottles, jars and tins you need. Browse our selection of food containers that could be used for dried herbs, salsa, sauce, teas and more! If you are interested in canning fruits and vegetables, take a look at ourPickling & Canning index. We have included a variety of glass jars with plastisol-lined caps that could be suitable for jams, jellies, butters and preserves.

Packaging Tip

Advantages of Container Gardening

Using containers for planting will allow you to cultivate a garden in a place where there may not be adequate space for a traditional setup. Potted plants can be wonderful decoration for indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Plants in containers are easy to move making it possible to change your garden's layout whenever you wish. Mobility also enables you to control environmental conditions such as the amount of heat, light and water each plant receives. Many herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme and cilantro can thrive in containers making them a great choice for a kitchen windowsill garden. This way, you will always have your favorite herbs readily on hand for your next meal! Many staple fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, squash and tomatoes may also grow well in containers so don't be afraid to experiment!

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