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Holiday Gifts with SKS Containers

December 2020

House homemade gifts this holiday season in SKS bottles, metal tins, and jars! With a variety of over 6,000 containers and closures, SKS offers endless possibilities for DIY gifts of all types. From paperboard to plastic, glass and more, find the right fit to package presents with SKS Bottle.

Cranberry Chutney Lotion Bars

These cranberry chutney solid lotion bars from Soap Deli News make wonderful DIY stocking stuffers or homemade holiday gifts! Package this recipe in our 1.5 oz brown paperboard push up tubes and decorate with festive labels.

  • 2 oz beeswax - locks in moisture and soothes skin.

  • 2 oz cocoa butter - heals chapped skin, moisturizes, and fights aging.

  • 2 oz mango butter - moisturizes without being greasy.

  • 3 oz safflower oil - soothing and moisturizing carrier oil.

  • .25 oz manuka honey - anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant.

  • .2 oz cranberry chutney fragrance - gives lotion bars a sweet and tart scent.

  • 1/2 tsp red soluble cosmetic colorant.

Paperboard tubes are renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. The push-up tubes feature a fitted cap and free moving paperboard disk at the bottom. SKS offers brown paperboard push up tubes in 0.3 oz, 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 1.5 oz, and 2 oz sizes. These eco-friendly tubes are made with an oil-resistant paper barrier making them appropriate for products like body butter, lip balm, or other cosmetics.

Peppermint Bath Salts

This Fizzy Peppermint Bath Salt recipe from Retro Housewife Goes Green makes for a simple homemade seasonal gift. The finished product can be beautifully displayed in our tall glass bottles with metal plastisol lined lug caps.

  • 1 cup epsom salt - soothes skin and reduces irritation and itching.

  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil - provides a soothing sensation.

  • ½ cup citric acid - the secret ingredient that adds all the fizzy power.

SKS offers practical and unique glass bottles in several sizes with a variety of cap options. Glass decanter bottles are available with plastisol lined lug cups. When properly adhered, the plastisol liner creates a hermetic and tamper evident seal with the glass bottle to help keep products fresh. Glass stout bottles are also available through SKS and can be paired with metal or plastic caps. These stout bottles come in a 12 oz or 16 oz size. In addition to packaging bath salts, our various glass bottles could also be great for housing seasonal sauces, dressings, drinks and more.

Whipped Winter Body Butter

Whipped Winter Body Butter from Soap Deli News is a great DIY skincare recipe that can be used throughout the winter months. This body butter is the perfect gift, packaged in our amber plastic low profile jars and topped with a bow.

  • 1 oz emulsifying wax - maintains creamy and smooth texture, while reducing greasiness.

  • 6 oz roasted cocoa butter wafers - heals chapped skin, moisturizes, and fights aging.

  • 6 oz refined shea butter - moisturizes, softens, and soothes skin.

  • 1 oz sweet almond oil - lightweight, absorbs easily, and moisturizes dry skin.

  • .05 oz Myrrh essential oil - anti-aging and soothes skin.

  • 3-5 drops non-GMO vitamin E oil - moisturizes skin and reduces itchiness.

Amber PET jars are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. The amber PET construction of these jars is impact resistant, lightweight, and provides barriers against UV light and moisture. These amber jars can be paired with a multitude of caps including PE lined smooth or frosted black polypropylene caps, black and white polypropylene PE lined dome caps, and aluminum caps with PE-F217 liners.

Packaging Tip

Powder Sifters

Integrate sifter caps and sifter fitments into your packaging to help dispense a range of powder products, such as anti-itch powders, cosmetics, and much more. Choose white PE plastic powder sifter caps that twist open to easily dispense product from the sifter holes and twist closed for secure shipping and storing. Try HDPE sifter caps, which feature two dispensing options for packaging products that can be either poured or sifted. To switch between open and closed, simply turn the cap left or right. Additionally, consider using polypropylene sifter fitments when packaging products such as blush, eye shadow, highlighter, and more. The single sifter fitments include multiple small holes, allowing a higher volume of product to be dispensed. Polypropylene plastic double sifter fitments feature a side with a single larger hole for dipping a makeup brush or pouring product, as well as a side with multiple smaller holes for sifting. The double sifters also include a turning mechanism that is used to seal or open the sifter holes as needed.

Product of the Month

Clear Glass Wire Bale Jars w/ Hinged Lids

Clear glass wire bale spice jars offer an old fashioned style for packaging dry or refrigerated products. These wire bale jars are composed of clear glass and feature hinged lids, which use a rubber gasket and wire bale to create an airtight seal and help keep products fresh. Glass can be used to package an array of products due to its impermeable and durable structure and high transparency also makes it easy to visually check the contents stored inside. Clear glass wire bale jars are available in a 125 ml, 167 ml, and 277 ml size. Consider these unique glass wire bale jars to package holiday gifts, like homemade candies, spice blends, and even bath salts!

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